The Difference between Mission and Vision (for speakers)

The difference between mission and vision (for speakers)

Introduction  If you’ve just decided to start a speaking business, you have a lot of ducks to get in a row. We recommend a simple 5-step process to speaking success: our SPEAK framework that informs all our coaching programs. But like with any entrepreneurial venture, there are a few other important steps that have to […]

How to Build Relationships as a Speaker with William Quigg [Student Highlight]

Maryalice Goldsmith Hey everyone! Maryalice Goldsmith here, director of Student Success for The Speaker Lab. I’m so glad to be with you today on The Speaker Lab Podcast. It’s a true honor to have this opportunity to introduce you to some of our amazing students. I promise you’re going to learn so much from their […]

#445: How to Write a Book That Actually Grows Your Business with Taurea Vision Avant

Taurea Vision Avant

Every week, our Speaker Lab podcast guests surprise us with all the exciting twists and turns of their journey to the stage. This week’s guest, Taurea Vision Avant, is no exception – listen in to episode 445 to hear her adventures from computer science, to network marketing, to authorship, coaching and beyond. In fact, Taurea […]