3 Tips to Develop Resiliency and a Growth Mindset with Katherine Johnson

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Did you know that our neural pathways are more heavily developed to go negative and to look for problems? So, how do we overcome that? ⬇️

Katherine Johnson is one of our amazing coaches here at The Speaker Lab. She sat down with Maryalice Goldsmith to chat about the power of mindset! Together they dug into the differences between positive and negative mindsets, how to change your mindset, and how to create habits that will enable you to build a business when it’s hard.

Here are the top 3 takeaways from their conversation:

Identify your triggers

When building a growth mindset, you must first understand what puts you in a fixed mindset. Understanding your triggers, or the moments and the experiences that make you feel like you’re too far out of your mindset, can help you take control when you start to feel the shift into fight or flight.

Part of this process is making conscious decisions about what events and actions mean to you. Are you going to make them out to be something negative or positive? Are you making decisions based on a single data point? What kind of inner dialogue are you enabling? These thought patterns can be a repeated trigger for you when you’re faced with something you don’t understand or are challenged by?

Get back in the game when you fail

Every successful entrepreneur knows that you have to make mistakes! When you do end up in a situation where you fail or fall short, you have to learn how to audit that experience for lessons and move on.

As a result of these hard experiences, you may not want to lean into new opportunities. However, learning how to reprogram those down moments and get back in the game is what will take you from good to great. 

When things go wrong, ask yourself:

  • What went well here?
  • What did I learn?
  • Can I implement something into a future discovery or planning call to ensure I’m better prepared?
  • What did I make this situation mean?

Practice discipline to create resiliency

You can only develop resilience with discipline. It’s important to push yourself into forming habits that accomplish the tasks you may want to avoid. The goal here is to develop the muscle to do hard things. This way, you can recover when things don’t go as planned.

Ultimately, if you’re thinking about how to grow your business, the goal is to push 1-2 things forward by a foot vs moving everything a centimeter. With this idea, you want to pick 3-5 things you will start practicing and instilling regularly. This could be anything from prospecting, working on your talk content, or actually getting on the stage.

With those things in mind, create habits to get them done. Avoid making yourself overly busy, and get to work on the things that have a compound value that will move the needle a significant amount. 

Stop making excuses and develop routines to create a resilient growth mindset to grow and scale your business.

Ready to hear more? Check out Episode 461 of The Speaker Lab podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Did you know that our neural pathways are more heavily developed to go negative and to look for problems? So, how do we overcome that? ⬇️ Katherine Johnson is one of our amazing coaches here...
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