Episode #375

The Art of Stagecraft

With Rick Clemons
The art of stagecraft.
It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
Understanding your artistic ability, and how to bring things to life, will separate the speakers from the professional speakers.

So how do you find your inner performer?

Our lead coach, Rick Clemons, is the expert on helping others find where their star shines the brightest, and how to take delivery and content to the next level.

Rick takes a deep dive into what speakers should be doing to bring their craft to life while balancing the value of performance vs. being in the moment with your audience. He shares a few of his own first-hand experiences on the stage and how he’s relied on strong fundamentals and creativity to adjust his stagecraft for each audience.

What’s exciting is that Rick will also share about a special cohort we will be launching SOON here at The Speaker Lab.

Through live virtual sessions, Rick will be working with students to develop everything from volume, cadence, receiving constructive feedback, and navigating the technical things that make all the difference.

If you’re excited about what you heard in today’s episode and interested in learning more about our stagecraft cohort, visit thespeakerlab.com/stagecraft to schedule a call with one of our enrollment advisors. Rick is an amazing coach and he’s planned an incredible experience for our students – we hope you’ll join us!


  • Does booking gigs mean you’re a good speaker?
  • Finding your inner performer (not someone else’s)
  • The value of an outside perspective
  • Can stagecraft be taught or do you have to have the it factor?
  • Balancing performance vs. presence
  • How to join our stagecraft cohort
  • And much more!

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