Episode #381

Write Your Way to Speaking Success

With Jessi Beyer

Are you a speaker? An author? Considering both?

Jessi Beyer is both but her journey to this point in her career is not one you might expect! She joined us for Episode 381 to narrate her experience in building a business committed to helping others find healing through their struggles with mental health.

Jessi quickly found that the success of her first book catapulted her into a world of opportunity she had not yet experienced as a speaker. She talks about her insecurities (or lack there-of!), what kept her motivated and energized, and why coaching earlier in her career was key to her success.

Jessi’s commitment to the process and can-do attitude has helped her pave a path to success, even at such a young age. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her mission and vision are hard to beat!


  • Finding confidence in your message
  • How to find the right audience
  • What it looks like to pivot from speaking to writing, and back again!
  • How to leverage a successful book launch?
  • Finding a balance as an author and speaker
  • Self-publishing vs. traditional vs. hybrid
  • Why putting in the hard work matters
  • And much more!

Want a copy of her book, How To Heal free?!

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About Jessi Beyer

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