Episode #403

40 Speaking Lessons from 400 Episodes: Part IV

With The Speaker Lab

It’s time for the 40 Speaking Lessons from 400 Episodes finale!

For Part 4 we’re bringing back 10 final lessons from former podcast guests. These speakers are not only the real deal, but their insight brings incredible value to the aspiring or “in the trenches” entrepreneur. Collectively these tips will raise the bar when it comes to the success and sustainability of your speaking business.

As we wrap up this series, you won’t want to miss the final 10 lessons that will complete your list! As speakers, it’s essential to keep learning, growing, and asking questions in an effort to refine your craft and bring your best to the stage. These lessons will help do just that, and we’re thrilled to share them for Episode 403 of The Speaker Lab Podcast. Enjoy!

Here are the final 10 lessons to help you become a better speaker:

31. Lead with appreciation and interest to build relationships (Selena Soo, Ep. 178)
32. How to use the “messy middle in speaking (Nancy Duarte, Ep. 262)
33. Find a balance between being grateful and hungry (Josh Linkner, Ep. 266)
34. It’s important to find a market for your passion (Clay Herbert, Ep. 260)
35. Turn your clients into fans (David Meerman Scott, Ep. 272)
36. Stay informed to stay relevant (Scott Stratten, Ep. 259)
37. Learn the ABCDs of your personal brand (Sylvie di Giusto, Ep. 243)
38. Responsiveness always trumps overthinking (Andrew Davis, Ep. 181)
39. Know how to serve all three of your audiences (Joey Coleman, Ep. 212)
40. The best speakers are like coffee (Mitch Joel, Ep. 278)

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