Episode #409

How Silence Can Lead to Success

With Jason Dietrich

Sharing in the excitement of our student’s success is a privilege for our team at the Speaker Lab! Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear directly from our students about their experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

For Episode 409 we’re sitting down with Jason Dietrich. Jason recently went through The Speaker Lab program and is eager to share his experience and journey to the stage! Believe it or not, Jason’s love of speaking stemmed from an experience he had as a senior in college. From there he felt he’d found his calling, and the rest is history!

When Jason was ready to invest in himself and grow his speaking business, he jumped in headfirst at The Speaker Lab and worked to find his niche and further define his message. He boldly resigned from his teaching position and decided to dive deep into speaking full-time.

Jason has great tips and tricks that have worked for him as he is on this journey. Together, Maryalice and Jason talk about the importance of silence, finding your focus, and how to navigate the nerves! Jason’s transparency is refreshing – especially for newer speakers who also find themselves in the trenches of building their business.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How he found his passion and purpose
  • Jason’s SKY acronym
  • How to silence your mind and find your focus
  • How to prioritize and avoid the clutter
  • How to use meditation
  • And much more!
About Jason Dietrich

Jason Dietrich is a speaker and educator seeking to influence and engage students. He is dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM as well as building a solid foundation for STEM literacy. Jason has been mentored by a current NASA STEM Engagement Specialist and has worked with NASA to create a process for a NASA app design to identify hidden barriers involved with STEM engagement.

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