Episode #429

Why Your Website is (and isn’t) Important [Coaches Corner]

With The Speaker Lab Coaches

You’ve probably heard from us before that a good website is one of your two most important assets as a speaker (the other is your demo video). At the same time, once you build your website you can’t just set it and forget it! Along with that great importance comes great responsibility. You might be surprised how much your menu organization matters to potential clients, or how your font choices and pop-up timing influence first-time visitors!

In this episode of The Speaker Lab podcast, Rick Clemons and Maryalice Goldsmith bring some much-needed nuance to the topic of speaker websites. They’re digging deep into what really matters on your website, as well as what isn’t worth your time (when it comes to websites, the perfect is sometimes the enemy of the good)! Have you been trying to coordinate your social media, email marketing, and personal branding with your website? Today’s show covers some incredibly helpful metrics for figuring out if all that effort is paying off.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you should visit your own website every day
  • When to ask for feedback (and the best sources of feedback)
  • The two raving fans your website should create (and which one you should prioritize)!
  • How to showcase all aspects of your business without overwhelming visitors
  • Simple updates to your headline that will get you more speaking gigs
  • Tips for showing up in google search results
  • How to let your authentic self shine through online
  • And so much more!
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