Episode #433

The Power of Executive Presence

With Katherine Johnson

Do you have executive presence? It’s not just for CEOs. 

According to TSL coaches Maryalice Goldsmith and Katherine Johnson, executive presence actually refers to the constellation of cues that people use to evaluate whether we have credibility, whether they see us as a leader, and how they perceive our capabilities.  Most people default to trusting nonverbal messaging when there’s a cognitive dissonance–even if your words are telling the truth. You can have all the expertise and authority in the world, but it won’t help if your clothes, your body language, and your branding send the wrong message.

Executive presence solves that dissonance. It helps you create a clear and intentional first impression that communicates your message and your business with warmth and confidence. The last thing you want to do is scare people off, but the many speakers who struggle with executive presence are doing just that!

In today’s episode, Maryalice and Katherine go through strategies for elevating trust with your clients and audience, from cold-calls with strangers to performance on stage. You’ll come away with new confidence in your personal brand–and the ability to give other people confidence in you. Let’s be real, after three years of virtual interactions, a lot of us are getting rusty at our “people skills”! But as today’s Coaches’ Corner episode reveals, elevating your presence to the executive level will help you win over clients without feeling like a salesperson.

You’ll also learn:

  • How executive presence combats imposter syndrome.
  • How to set up your “virtual stage” so people get the right first impression. 
  • Tricks for updating your visual presence to get more sales.
  • Why your clothing should “frame” you–and how to find out if it isn’t!
  • How to ask for feedback in a way that gets you constructive results.
  • How to coordinate your online brand with the persona you bring to networking events.
  • …and so much more!
About Katherine Johnson

Katherine has helped speakers for over 8 years amplify their message and stand out for the right reasons. A sought-after presence and personal brand consultant, she teaches speakers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs how to effectively use their authentic presence and personal brand to position themselves and go from ordinary to outstanding. Katherine earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and her master’s degree from Lewis and Clark College, developing a passion for peak performance and mindset as an elite athlete and 10-time National Champion.

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