Episode #435

How to Make Magic From the Stage [Student Highlight]

With Dr. David Palmiter

Our Student Highlight series continues with a student who came to us after years of success as a therapist and academic. Dr. David Palmiter knew how to fill in the gaps between scientific research and common knowledge, specifically on the topic of achieving happiness. He had three decades of speaking experience and regularly trained other therapists. He was a hit with his audience every time he went onstage. He had a good handle on content, delivery, and performance. But something was missing. He hadn’t turned speaking into a real business. Fortunately, the Virtual VIP program with Erick Rheam helped him do just that and find the magic key (literally!) to differentiate himself from his competition.

David does indeed do magic tricks to illustrate his points, but the magic he works for his audience goes much further. In this episode, he shares how Erick opened the world of possibilities available once he streamlined his prospecting process by utilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This conversation with Maryalice Goldsmith, our director of student success, is full of information about how our virtual VIP course provides the foundational tools for taking your business to the next level and refining your message.

Because of his background in therapy, David takes connecting with his audience members very seriously. He and Maryalice discuss some of the important steps to finding your audience’s pain points and providing them with solutions. Directly addressing your audience’s needs and pivoting when the market shifts is a challenge for every speaker, but you’ll learn some important strategies from this episode.

You’ll also hear all about:

  • How The Speaker Lab can help you discover your top strengths
  • How prospecting leads can be meaningful instead of miserable.
  • How to use your CRM to automate tasks for your speaking business.
  • The transformation that comes when you add value in your lead outreach.
  • The advantages of integrating magic into your talk (no experience necessary)!
  • Why spirituality is the key to happiness, regardless of your religious beliefs.
  • …and so much more!
About Dr. David Palmiter

Dr. David Palmiter is a psychology professor at Marywood University in Scranton, PA and a practicing clinician. He is also a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, and a past president of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. Dr. Palmiter has over three dozen publications including two books on promoting resilience in kids and teens and has completed hundreds of media projects and speaking engagements around the country.

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