Episode #465

How to Make the Most of Your Coaching Program to Kick-Start Your Speaking Business

With Emily Arnold

“It’s kind of like setting up a table for dinner. You don’t want to just be scrambling and hustle to the table and be sweating and be like, I don’t even know where the forks are. So I think it’s like, no, let’s have a nice clean table. Lay it all out before yourself so you can kind of settle into it and know exactly where everything is and know you’ve set yourself up for success.”

We’re back with another episode in our Coaching Corner series! Today, Maryalice and Emily Arnold sit down to talk about how you can best prep to make your time in the program count. Emily is one of our program concierges, and she’s been around the block a few times when it comes to helping students prep for success and take off running.

“And as someone who works with all of you, I see that you do all genuinely care about people. And so I think it’s so wonderful to work for a team of people that when I’m getting students on orientation, I know with confidence, I’m sending you off to the coaching team who genuinely cares about you.”

In this episode, Maryalice and Emily dig into: 

  • How to prep for the program
  • What mindsets are helpful to embrace when getting started
  • The richness of the TSL community
  • What it looks like to embrace personal branding
  • How to get over the fear of seeing yourself on a screen
  • When to access the support this program has so you can succeed in the long term
  • And more!


“There’s this beautiful thread between all of the speakers that come to us, which is typically a desire to help people ultimately. And so what a community to be a part of?”

Episode Chapters:

00:02:02 Meet Emily, let’s get to know her!

00:08:38 Set intentions and tips to develop a mindset for success.

00:09:45 Set up logistics and follow the checklist for successful orientation.

00:12:00 How to get the most from the community.

00:16:38 Using module 3 to help you show your best qualities online.

00:18:20 The fear of personal branding and how to get comfortable with that.

00:24:00 What advice would you give to speakers for social media.

00:26:20 Find and hang out where your people are.

00:31:00 Share your knowledge as you’re learning it. Remember that social media aims to support personal connections.

00:33:30 People want to work with people they want to work with.

00:36:00 We want to challenge you to grow but can’t force you.

00:37:36 We genuinely care about helping and supporting you and welcome you into the community with open arms.

About Emily Arnold

Emily is our Elite Concierge & Community Manager here at TSL. She’s a curious, creative, color-loving extrovert currently based in Minneapolis. She loves meeting new people, taking photos, traveling the world, sipping on oat milk lattes, learning and implementing all-things-mental health, hanging with her two perfect cats, and cultivating delight in the everyday. When she’s not behind the computer, you can find her at a concert, comedy show, really yummy restaurant, by a lake, or spending time as much time as possible with family and friends!

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