Episode #471

How to Build a Six Figure Speaking Business in 7 Months

With Dr. Reggie Wright

“So I just cracked six figures in seven months? In seven months.”

Grant is joined on the podcast this week by Dr Reggie Wright to talk about how he scaled his speaking business in 7 months. Reggie shares his background and his story, but more important digs into what really allowed him to step into this calling as a speaker with confidence.

“Preparation breeds confidence. I just want to be prepared. And I just thought about it, like, as an athlete, right. I just want to go into the game being prepared for the game. Let the chips fall where they may. So that’s what I did.”

In this episode, Grant and Reggie dig into: 

  • How to leverage your story to connect with audiences
  • What it looks like to put in the work to chase your dreams
  • A detailed look at Reggie’s schedule while he launched his business
  • What it looks like to commit to making an impact on the world around you
  • How to use your message to drive your focus when the path is unclear
  • Why it’s important to be prepared even if you’re not in the game yet


“I was confident in my ability to speak in terms of being on a stage. I knew that I still had a lot of work to do in terms of crafting my speech, in terms of the intro and the transitioning and all that kind of stuff. But in terms of the business side of it, combining both of them together, I just looked at it like going to school. I need to start playing a sport. I need to start up the basics. Let me learn how to dribble with my right hand. Let me learn how to drill my left hand.”

Episode Chapters:

  • [00:00:44] What do you speak on?
  • [00:03:57] What’s your background?
  • [00:08:07] You happened upon a keynote opportunity, tell us how that happened.
  • [00:10:40] How did that keynote go and what were you feeling after it?
  • [00:15:58] What was on your mind when it came to building a speaking business?
  • [00:17:44] You started this journey with self education, what did you learn in this phase?
  • [00:19:45] What was the learning curve like for you to step into this world?
  • [00:24:30] What kind of impact are you hoping to leave on the world?
  • [00:29:00] What are your biggest lessons learned in pursuing this journey?
  • [00:31:51] How did you set your expectations to create a success story in your life?
  • [00:34:26] Our biggest pet peeve when it comes to new speakers.
About Dr. Reggie Wright

Dr. Reggie Wright, a former professional basketball player, has been featured on CNN for his work with educating and empowering students. He is a high-energy inspirational speaker who is passionate about encouraging students, educators and corporate professionals to cultivate the conditions for success. A native of Trenton, NJ, Dr. Wright grew up knowing what it means to grind and to work hard to overcome opposition and adversity. He attended New Jersey City University, where he played basketball all four years and earned a B.S. in Computer Science. Upon graduating, he played professional basketball in Europe. He later went on to earn a master’s degree from Cairn University and a doctorate degree from Liberty University in Educational Leadership. Additionally, he teaches a character development/social-emotional learning curriculum to students. Dr. Wright is the owner and founder of Reggie Wright Enterprise, a mentor for an organization called Raising Black Men and is on the Board of Directors for a non-profit, Urban Promise of Trenton. Dr. Wright is guided by his ethics and passion to serve others and help them achieve success. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and is currently writing his first book.

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