101. How to Get Speaking Gigs at Colleges With Adam Carroll

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Adam Carroll joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about speaking to the collegiate crowd.

The question of how to make a career out of speaking to college audiences is a common one, so I decided to bring my friend, Adam Carroll, on the show to give you the answer.

Adam has been a speaker on over 650 college campuses as well as countless local and regional events for college students. He knows that market like the back of his hand!

On episode 101 of The Speaker Lab, he’s sharing that knowledge with you. We talk about the different markets within the college community, how to know what group, committee or department to contact when you’re looking for speaking gigs and how to set yourself to get repeat gigs with the same university.

He’s got some great tricks up his sleeve, and you’ll get to peek at them on today’s show. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 101 of The Speaker Lab!


  • What were the two big factors that started his college speaking career?
  • Why knowing your content is critical for continued success.
  • What is a strong interest form and how do you use one?
  • The 3 key steps to start getting booked at colleges.
  • After you’ve identified who to speak to, what is your next step?
  • One simple trick to get decision-makers on the phone.
  • Why you should include a complete marketing campaign as part of your speaking agreement.
  • What are the more common topics being booked on college campuses?
  • And so much more!

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  • Thanks for having Adam on he is great! I have learned a lot from him over the last few years!

  • I loved this episode! I had to keep hopping off the treadmill to jot down notes 🙂
    I’m a little confused about NODA though, do you guys think one of their regional conferences something worth a college speaker (me) attending? Thanks!!

    • There’s a lot of opportunities for speaking at colleges and orientation is just one of them. So if you want to speak to orientation students, then yes, NODA (National Orientation Directors Association) would be worth looking into. But again, only if you’re interested in speaking to that niche within colleges.

      • Thanks, Grant! Appreciate your response. Btw, I was at Heroic Public Speaking Live and everyone I spoke to listens to and loves your podcast (and wished you were at the event)!

        • Oh that’s awesome! I was at a speaker meetup the day before, but couldn’t make the schedule work for the event. Maybe next time 🙂