57 Resources for Speakers

So you’ve just started your speaking career. What are some resources for speakers like you to get started building their speaking business? There are a lot of great tools for speakers to build their business, and it can be overwhelming to know what to use or where to go. To make it simpler, we put […]

6 Tips from Successful Female Speakers

woman on stage in a panel discussion. How to become a panelist

Introduction In the speaking industry, just the idea of female motivational speakers, researchers, and coaches would have a century ago been regarded as radical. But today, women around the world have made headlines with powerful speeches. These include Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk about cyberbullying, Greta Thurnberg’s speech to world leaders at the United Nations Climate […]

How Much to Charge for Speaking?

how much to charge for public speaking

Most speakers generally prefer to get paid for their efforts. I don’t know about you, but I like to eat and live indoors, therefore, I like it when people give me money for my talks. But knowing what to charge in the beginning is one of the biggest challenges and hangups for new speakers… Do […]

What You Need to Know About Brand Storytelling

personal brand

Introduction Have you ever said, “I have a great story, but I don’t know how to market it or get started”? If so, this post is for you. If you’re beginning your paid public speaking career, it is important for you to know how to do brand storytelling. This post will help you to discover […]

How to build an unstoppable personal brand

Grant: Hey, what’s up friends, Grant Baldwin here and welcome back to The Speaker Lab Podcast. Good to have you here with us today. Today I’m joined by my dear, dear friend Mr. Chris Ducker. I was looking earlier, man, and this is your fourth time on the show. We just passed the 400 episode […]

Why coaching will transform your speaking career

Maryalice: Hey everyone. I’m Maryalice Goldsmith, Director of Student Success here at The Speaker Lab, and today I am joined by our Elite Concierge and Coach, Katie Campbell. I’m super excited to have her today on this episode of the Coaches’ Corners series. We are going to deep dive into how to maximize coaching and […]

4 things to know about public speaker training

public speaker training

Introduction If you’re a coach, consultant, author, online entrepreneur, you have probably considered taking your message on the road and giving talks to an audience. To that end, you might have considered taking a speaker training course or public speaking classes to refine your skills and hone your stage presence. Perhaps you’ve considered a group […]

How to go from Speaking for Free to Getting Paid to Speak

going from speaking for free to getting paid to speak

Introduction So you’ve been speaking for free to get a head start in the early days of your speaking career. But as you’ve honed your talk and found your niche, you’re ready to try getting paid speaking gigs. How can you go about it? What do you say to people to convince them to pay […]

How to find a mastermind group

small group speaker meeting toastmasters style

Introduction  If you’ve been working on building your speaker business for a while, you might be interested in learning more about ways to connect with other speakers, business owners, and leaders in your community. One way you can do that is through mastermind groups. But what is a mastermind group? What can a mastermind group […]

How to write a speech

how to write a speech

Introduction So you want to learn how to write a speech. Maybe it’s for a speech for work, or maybe it’s for a school project. You know that professional speakers don’t just make stuff up. They don’t write a few thoughts on a notecard and then shoot from the hip for an entire presentation. They […]