4 things you should know about TED Talks

man giving a ted talk style speech

Introduction Is giving a TED Talk or a TEDx Talk on your bucket list? If so, you may be wondering how to achieve that goal, and asking questions such as, what’s the difference between TED and TEDx Talks? How can you know if your idea is interesting enough to be considered for a TED talk? […]

How to set goals

A planner with a cup of coffee showing someone how to set goals

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to set goals on an Apple watch? You can set metrics you want to meet for standing, exercise, and movement. Your watch lets you know when you’ve met your goals, bugs you if you’re lagging behind, and can even announce checkpoints e.g. mileage markers while you’re running. We’d love […]

How to host a virtual event

how to host a virtual event

Introduction We might be living in a post–COVID society, but virtual events aren’t going anywhere. While people no longer rely on their screen for every event (that got old pretty fast), 2020 revealed that the virtual world could open up whole new audiences. Knowing how to host a virtual event can be a game changer […]

5 key metrics to growing your speaking business

Introduction If you’re looking to grow your business, you’re probably really passionate about speaking. That’s great. It’s absolutely essential. But unfortunately, being really good at speaking is not necessarily enough to launch a successful business–no matter how great a speaker you are. You could have the most inspirational, original message in the world, but if […]

How to build your network

Person learning how to build your network

Introduction Whether you’re a seasoned professional, budding entrepreneur, or anywhere in between, learning how to build your network is essential to advancing your career. But popular trends might have you wondering…does every entrepreneur have to be a social media influencer? Do you have to recite an elevator pitch for your business to everyone you meet […]

How to get a book deal

how to get a book deal

Introduction Writing a book is an incredible way to amplify a message, maximize your business’s impact, or make your expertise accessible for public consumption. If you’ve chosen to go the route of traditional publishing (more on making that decision here), you’re probably wondering how to get a book deal. If you navigate the process well, […]

How to Build a Personal Brand

personal brand

Introduction If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on LinkedIn recently, you’ve probably noticed: having a personal brand is in. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives are marketing not just products, but themselves. Job postings ask for your social media handles and interviewers are checking out your web presence before they meet you. If you’re not […]

#399: How to Find Your Focus with Tripp Crosby

Tripp Crosby

To some people, it might seem that Tripp Crosby is constantly shifting gears and focus. But to know and hear from him, it’s easy to see that opportunity has gifted Tripp the ability to unveil his real passion. Having built a successful video content business, it seemed like Tripp was all set. However, after some […]

25 Public Speaking Tips to Become a Better Speaker

public speaking tips

Introduction Starting a speaking business is exhilarating and rewarding… and very stressful. Being a public speaker isn’t easy, and if you’re like most people you’ve probably looked for public speaking tips to help you become a better speaker. Through the work we do at The Speaker Lab, we get to know a lot of speakers. […]

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

A person facing their fear of public speaking

Introduction The fear of public speaking (sometimes called “glossophobia”) is one of the most common phobias around. While it may be comforting to know you’re not alone, that probably leaves you wondering…how do so many people have the guts to speak on stage at all? The truth is, many of the best professional speakers still […]