227. Getting Paid to Speak on Creativity with Beth Inglish

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Beth Inglish The Speaker Lab Grant Baldwin Booked and Paid to Speak Creativity Speaking CreativityIs getting paid to speak on creativity really a viable option? Is that a topic to build your business around? Here to explore those questions is one of our Elite coaching students, Beth Inglish.

Beth is an artist who speaks to other artists and leaders in the community to help them rediscover their creativity. Of late, she’s been speaking to leaders in corporate America about how to be more creative and how to lead with a creative mindset.

On today’s The Speaker Lab, we talk about what changed for Beth that made her want to pursue speaking as a business, how to go from doing free gigs to paid gigs and how to know if you can make a living speaking to a particular audience. Join us for those topics and more on today’s edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • What are questions to ask if you are struggling to find your target audience?
  • How do you know if your potential audience is viable?
  • Why you need to keep your big picture goals in mind.
  • Does everyone have creativity inside of them?
  • How can you narrow down who you speak to?
  • Why it’s important to spread the word that you are a speaker.
  • How can you find subgroups and other events/opportunities within the same company?
  • Why having someone vouch for you can be a win-win for you and your client.
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “There is opportunity all around us!” – Beth Inglish



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