343. The Speaking Industry's Future with Blair Nichols

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#343 Episode

The Speaking Industry's Future with Blair Nichols

The speaking industry’s future is our topic today with speaking world veteran Blair Nichols.

Blair has worked with everyone from the Harper Collins’ speakers bureau to Keith Ferrazzi to Advance Your Reach, where he currently works today.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, we’ll talk about the shifts he sees coming up in the speaking industry’s future and how to keep a healthy mindset while building your speaking career.

You’ll definitely want to tune in for that and much more on the 343rd edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • How can you get the attention of a bureau?
  • Should you be open to all speaking opportunities (even free ones)?
  • How to approach a decision-maker to land a gig.
  • Has the pandemic changed anything about the best way to book gigs?
  • What is the time frame now for booking digital events?
  • Will there be more events in the virtual world going forward?
  • What’s the rule of thumb regarding your virtual fee versus your in-person fee?
  • Is the bureau model going to be disrupted?
  • And so much more!

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