How to Book Virtual Speaking Gigs With Erick Rheam

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Grant Baldwin and Erick Rheam hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how speakers can convert live events that are postponed or canceled into virtual gigs.

During the live stream, Grant and Erick discuss:

  • Booking webinars and workshops to replace/supplement live events
  • Finding value in what you’re already doing and converting it to an offer
  • Repurposing the challenge of working from home to create new value
  • Discovering new opportunities to diversify your speaking platform
  • Add value while recognizing your clients pay you for the solutions you bring
  • Prioritizing service doesn’t have to sacrifice revenue
  • Strategies for stopping the bleeding in your business
  • Throw out the rule book in the short-term
  • How to price virtual speaking gigs versus live events
  • And more


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