Learn How to Consistently Find and Book Dream Speaking Engagements That Pay
What You’re Worth

You have a message you believe in.
You have the confidence to deliver it from stage.
And with Booked & Paid to Speak, you’ll finally have the system you need to consistently uncover profitable opportunities to share that message, even if…
You struggle with how much to charge, where to find gigs, and who to contact You’ve never (or rarely) been paid to speak You don’t have a large following, existing platform, or years of experience

Ready to do this?

Our students have been booked and paid to speak by organizations like…

If you’ve ever thought these 4 little words, you know exactly how it feels to be an aspiring speaker...

You might not be proud of it.

You might have resisted thinking it.

You might even feel a little scared admitting that it’s crossed your mind.

I’m talking about all the times when you’ve sat in an audience, listened to a speaker on stage, and thought…

“That should be me.”

(Other acceptable thoughts include,

“I could do that,” and “Is this guy for real?” )

Listen, when you have a message you’re passionate about, those kinds of thoughts don’t come from ego or pride. They come from the frustration of KNOWING you have a message people need to hear, but NOT knowing exactly how to get it in front of more people.

And every time you start gearing yourself up to finally get serious about pursuing more (or your first) paid speaking engagements, some combination of the following happens:

Meanwhile, week after week continue to slip by with nothing actually changing.

You still feel painfully aware of all the things you don’t know about the speaking world.

You still feel unsure of how to stay focused or actually move forward.

You still see what feels like hundreds of average speakers getting out there and somehow accomplishing exactly what you dream about doing.

And the gap between where you are and where they are feels larger than ever.

This is what I like to call the Inverse Law of Speaking Talent —for every talented speaker who dreams of getting to hop on a cross-country flight to their next high-paying gig, there are 10 mediocre ones out there actually doing it.

It’s incredibly frustrating—but it’s also great news.

Because if you’re passionate about sharing a message you know has value, those dream speaking opportunities are actually much closer to reality than you might realize.

In fact, most of the time, the only thing separating the speakers who are actually landing the best speaking opportunities from the ones who are sitting at home is simply having the right plan to follow.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly what that plan is, and how thousands of speakers across every industry are using it to build thriving careers that allow them to…

Hi, I’m Grant Baldwin, founder of The Speaker Lab.

Since I started my speaking career, I’ve earned over $2 million from 500+ paid engagements all over the world. I’ve done everything from closed-door workshops to keynotes in front of 13,000 people.

I mention those numbers for two reasons:

You deserve to know that I’ve actually practiced what I preach (and that I’m not just another online “guru”)

Since starting The Speaker Lab, I’ve seen over and over how attainable these kinds of career-altering numbers are for people in just about every industry imaginable—even though I never would have thought they were possible for someone like me.

Maybe you can relate…

I didn’t have a giant platform.

Nobody would have confused me for a world-renowned expert or, dare I say it…a Thought Leader™ .

I didn’t have some kind of “hero’s journey” origin story full of overcoming insane levels of adversity.

I was pretty much just a regular dude from Missouri.

I was a busy husband and father working a full-time youth pastor job that occasionally allowed me to do what I felt like I was born to do: speak.

Small group. Whole church. School auditorium. Rotary club. It didn’t matter—if there were people to share my message with, I was there. And always for free.

If you’ve already gotten a few free (or maybe even paid) speaking engagements under your belt, you’ve probably heard the same kinds of comments I’d get from people at that point:

You’re pretty sure you have the potential, but what are you supposed to do next? How do you turn that into actually getting paid to speak?

I’ll never forget the moment the answer to that question finally clicked for me. It happened in a nondescript room in front of around 300 people. I was delivering the exact same type of 45-minute presentation I’d done for free dozens of times:

But this time there was one big difference.

Instead of leaving the event with nothing but compliments, I walked away with a crisp check for $1,000 signed to me from the organization hosting it.


Because months before I booked the event, a more experienced speaker in my industry walked me through exactly what I needed to do differently in order to start getting paid to share my message.

In other words, a mentor was kind enough to take me by the hand and show me things like…

I didn’t go from free to $1,000 because I’m special or smarter than everyone else. I did it because someone more experienced than me was there to show me the path forward.

And even though I didn’t have that same mentor by my side forever, getting that first big check was the lightbulb moment that helped me unlock the confidence and focus I needed to keep pushing.

Again and again, I’ve seen that speakers thrive when they have a proven plan to guide them through the confusion and uncertainty of getting booked and paid to speak.

I’ll share more about these stories (and plenty of others) in a moment, but first I want to show you what they all have in common…

The 3-Step Blueprint for Landing Your First (or Next) Paid Speaking Engagement

No two speaking journeys are ever quite the same, but when you zoom out and look at successful speakers from a high level, you’ll see that they consistently nailed these 3 steps.

Step #1:
Pinpoint the right problem
you can solve.

The #1 mistake I see holding most speakers back is failing to identify—and clearly communicate—the true problem they can solve.

Whether you’re still trying to figure out exactly what you want to speak about or you’re an experienced speaker who’s been doing it for years, getting this right can make the difference between speaking a few times per year and several times per month.

So, how do you do it?


Don’t ask yourself, “What should I speak about?”. Ask yourself, “What problem can I solve?”

Repeat after me: Speakers who solve problems will always book more gigs than speakers who simply speak about a topic.

The good news? If you’re speaking or you want to speak, there’s a 99% chance there are multiple problems attached to the topic/subject matter you want to speak about.

For example, if you speak about social media, that’s great — but what challenges does your presentation help the audience overcome? Asking that question might lead you to something like, “I help businesses be more relatable to millennials on social media.”

Thinking of your topic from the “problem” perspective will not only make it sound much more appealing to decision makers, it’ll also help you make the presentation more compelling!


Get specific with your target audience, but don’t niche yourself into nonexistence.

For example, “Motivated leaders who want to leave an impact” is not a specific enough target audience (unless you’re Oprah Winfrey or Gary Vaynerchuk).

If you try to speak to everyone, you will end up speaking to no one.

Successful speakers have a well-defined audience in mind, which not only strengthens their content—it also makes finding paid speaking opportunities much easier.

To build on the previous example, “I help real estate businesses be more relatable to millennial clients on social media,” is going to make finding and attracting paid opportunities much easier than targeting ALL types of businesses.

Of course, it is possible to get too specific.

I like to call it nicheing yourself into nonexistence—coming up with a problem that either not enough people have, or that’s not actually a problem in the first place.

For example, “I help realtors who sell tiny houses and yurts be more relatable to millennial clients on social media,” miiiiiight not have a big enough market to support a speaking career quite yet.


Align the problem you want solve with a problem people need to solve.

One of the most frustrating things you can deal with as a speaker is knowing you solve a valuable problem, but NOT knowing how to describe it in a way that clicks with event organizers and decision makers.

Let’s go back to our previous example: “I help real estate businesses be more relatable to millennial clients on social media.”

You KNOW that generating better social media results can solve valuable problems for real estate businesses…but what if every time you mention social media to a potential client they say, “We don’t hire speakers to talk about that”?

To illustrate the solution for you, let me show you an example from my own career…

What This Step Looks Like in Action:

Early in my speaking career, I wanted to speak to high school audiences about personal finance. On paper, it made so much sense:

I was passionate about personal finance because my wife and I had just gotten out of debt.

High school students learn almost nothing about personal finance in school.

Everyone understands why it would be useful for high school students to learn about personal finance.

But there was one big problem: every school I talked to had zero interest in booking personal finance speakers. It just wasn’t something they were used to hiring speakers to talk about.

But when I asked what they did hire speakers to talk about, I consistently heard the same response:

“Well, we usually look for speakers who can help students transition to college or life beyond college.”

Ding ding ding! That was exactly what my personal finance talk would help students do. I just wasn’t speaking the same language when I described it to administrators.

All I needed to do was align the problem I wanted to solve with the problem schools needed to solve. I created a talk built around helping high school students transition to college that featured personal finance as a major chunk of the presentation.

After that, getting booked was never a problem.

Step #2:
Find the people who are
desperately searching for answers
to that problem.

Once you’ve pinpointed the problem you can solve, the next challenge becomes finding the people who are looking for solutions to that problem.

Unfortunately, this is where most people make another big mistake. Because there are two kinds of people you can go looking for at this point:

People who are seeking any type of solution to the problem you solve.
People who are looking for speakers they can pay to be the solution to the problem you solve.

This sounds obvious, but it’s a critically important distinction to make…

It is much easier to get booked and paid to speak by an organization or event that already hires speakers than it is by one that doesn’t.

Getting distracted by Group #1 is how you end up spending a week exchanging emails with a student organization at your local college only to discover they don’t actually have a budget for paying speakers.

But when you start focusing on finding Group #2, you’ll quickly learn 2 things:

  1. If you’ve pinpointed the right problem, paid speaking opportunities are NOT difficult to find.
  2. Your competition for those paid speaking opportunities is often not nearly as intimidating as you think.

What This Step Looks Like in Action:

When BPS student Harjot Singh started looking for events in the healthcare space, he was intimidated for reasons you’re likely familiar with:

  • What if he couldn’t find the right events?
  • What if no one paid to book speakers like him?
  • What if he was miles behind the competition?

But look what happened when he followed the step-by-step strategies for uncovering speaking leads we teach in BPS:

Breakthrough #1:
He realized that “events were not hard to find.”

Breakthrough #2:
He now feels like he “can pitch to the highest event planners.”

When you put in the work to pinpoint the right problem to solve, finding the people who will pay for you to solve that problem comes down to simply knowing where to look—which is exactly what we show you how to do inside Booked & Paid to Speak.

Step #3:
Present yourself as the perfect solution to that problem (even if you’re not known as the go-to “expert” in your field yet)

Convincing the right people that you’re the right person for the job is not about being salesy.

You don’t have to transform yourself into a used car salesman and go into “closing” mode. You don’t need to roll out a laundry list of accomplishments and industry accolades.

If you’ve done Steps 1 and 2 properly, you only need two things to convince decision makers you’re the right person for the job:

A basic website.
A basic demo video.

Not a bestselling book. Not a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. Not a made-for-TV movie that was inspired by your life story.

If you have a basic website and demo video (and I can show you exactly how to put these together, even if you have no tech skills and no footage of yourself speaking) booking paid speaking gigs comes down to simply building relationships.

Which means you can finally focus on just being yourself instead of worrying about having to “sell” yourself.

What This Step Looks Like in Action:

When Andrew Dawson started sending cold emails to decision makers after enrolling in BPS, he didn’t have a bunch of fancy marketing materials. All he had was a link to his website that he included in his email signature. Here’s what happened, in his own words:

To recap:
He didn’t have to list out a ton of experience or industry accolades.

He didn’t have to go into “sales mode” and smooth-talk his way into a gig.

He simply asked if and when they book speakers, put a link to his website in his signature, and locked in $4,000 in bookings.

And Andrew’s not alone. Check out two more examples that show what having the right video and website can do for you:

THIS is why Steps #1 and #2 are so powerful. When you’re focused on the right problem and you’re reaching out to people who are looking for speakers to solve that problem, a couple pieces of simple content (Step #3) will do all the selling for you.

That’s why we built Booked & Paid to Speak to take you through all 3 of these steps in a simple, straightforward format that’s proven to get results for both new and experienced speakers.


Booked & Paid to Speak

By The Speaker Lab

Booked & Paid to Speak gives you a proven, step-by-step system for finding and consistently booking paid speaking engagements that pay what you’re worth.

It equips you with:

The Plan You Need to Stay Focused and Generate Results:

There are few things that hit you with more “What am I supposed to do now?” moments than growing your speaking career.

That’s why BPS maps out every step you need to take, from fine-tuning your topic and creating a magnetic presentation to identifying profitable speaking opportunities and sending the perfect outreach emails to decision makers.

You’ll get an entire library of actionable video lessons that walk you through every critical milestone on the path to filling your calendar with paid gigs.

You’ll also get the hidden benefits that comes with having this kind of plan:

The focus you need to tune out distractions and the confidence that comes from knowing you’re taking the right steps instead of just guessing your way through confusion.

The Feedback You Need to Make the Right Adjustments:

You’ll not only be able to connect with fellow BPS students for feedback and accountability in our private BPS Insiders Facebook Group—you’ll also have direct email access to our team of coaches so you can get the kind of 1:1 guidance and mentorship that can shave years off your learning curve.

All of our coaches at The Speaker Lab are actively getting paid to speak right now, so you won’t be getting guidance from anyone on the sidelines. You’ll be getting it from experienced speakers who know what’s working because they’ve done it.

The Resources That Save You from Reinventing the Wheel:

You shouldn’t have to burn valuable time trying to figure out how to build the perfect speaker website, piece together a standout demo video, or draw up a bulletproof contract.

After helping thousands of students create all of those resources, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why BPS comes with a vault of plug-and-play templates, outlines, and examples you can use to quickly create top-quality resources that show decision makers you’re not an amateur.

Here’s a Closer Look at
Exactly What You’ll
Get Inside Booked &
Paid to Speak

When you enroll in BPS, you’ll get instant lifetime access to all five video modules that are each dedicated to a specific step of what we call the Speaker Success Roadmap:

Module 1:

Select a Problem to Solve

Whether you’re just getting started or have been speaking for years, zeroing in on the right problem to solve for the right audience and industry will make a dramatic difference in how much (and how frequently) you’re paid to speak.

The lessons and resources in this module will prevent you from spending years fighting an impossible battle trying to get booked for topics that don’t have an existing (or paying) market.

By the end, you’ll know…

How to nail the balance between what you want to speak about and what clients are willing to pay for

How to use the “Speaking Industry Matrix” to determine which industries you’re best positioned to pursue right now (and going forward)

The biggest mistakes speakers make when selecting their topic / problem to solve

3 actionable strategies for uncovering topics that events are dying to hire speakers for

How to craft a topic / problem (or tweak an existing one) so it that passes all 3 tests of “The Topic Trifecta”

Module 2.

Prepare Your

It’s obvious that delivering an outstanding talk can go a long way in getting you more paid opportunities. But how do you actually create one?

What specific actions can you take to fine-tune an existing presentation that’s “pretty good” and transform it into something unforgettable?

The lessons in this module are dedicated to showing you how to create keynotes, workshops, and seminars that will captivate your audience and inspire event organizers to give you referrals and repeat bookings.

By the end, you’ll know…

The differences between keynotes vs. workshops vs. seminars (including why some pay more than others and which types of content you should prepare for each to maximize your opportunities)

How to sell from stage without annoying your
client or audience

How to create a “menu” of presentations that will open up your core topic to a greater number of audiences and events (with specific examples)

How to write simple, one-paragraph descriptions of your presentations that will instantly capture the attention of decision makers and event organizers

How to craft a topic / problem (or tweak an existing one) so it that passes all 3 tests of “The Topic Trifecta”All the nitty gritty details on what makes a great talk vs. a mediocre one (including structure, when you should and shouldn’t use slides, how to customize 5-10% of your talk to make it fit different settings, and more)

Module 3.

Establish Yourself
as the Expert

I’ve already mentioned more than once that you do NOT have to be the world’s leading expert in your field in order to get paid to speak.

You do, however, need to demonstrate some level of expertise . And as long as you know enough about your topic to deliver presentations that engage your audience, trust me—you have more than enough expertise.

But none of that will matter if you don’t know how to properly communicate your expertise to decision makers. And the two biggest pieces you need in order to do that are a rock-solid website and a compelling demo video. The lessons in this module show you exactly how to create both (or improve your existing ones).

By the end, you’ll know…

How to create a speaker website that will wow your prospects (even if you have no techskills and little to no budget)

The 6 elements your website MUST have if you want clients to take you seriously (and how to quickly create each of them)

What prospects DO and DON’T want to see in your demo video

How to shoot and edit a killer demo video even if you have no footage of yourself speaking, no fancy equipment, and no video skills

All the tools and resources you can use to get professional-quality marketing and branding material at a fraction of the typical cost (and sometimes even free)

Module 4.

Acquire Paid
Speaking Gigs

If you’re like most speakers, this is the part that feels the murkiest to you—finding the best paid opportunities and taking concrete steps to actually book them.

Even seasoned speakers who feel 100% confident and comfortable on stage often feel at a loss when it comes to reaching out and winning over decision makers. You don’t want to say the wrong thing. You don’t want to come off overly salesy. And to top it off, you don’t even know where to look.

That’s why we made this the most in-depth module in the entire course. Because so often the only reason speakers don’t feel confident in their ability to land more paid gigs is because they simply lack the right information.

By the end, you’ll know…

How to turn Google into a lead generation machine for ideal speaking gigs

How to generate quality referrals from other speakers in your industry/niche

How to get a spot in a speaker showcase and maximize the number of opportunities it generates

3 easy ways to generate new referrals every time you speak

How to email prospective speaking clients without sounding awkward or pushy (I walk you through REAL examples from actual emails that you can customize for your own outreach)

When you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T speak for free (and how to leverage your free speaking gigs into paid ones)

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about speaking fees (including what you should charge, what you can expect to make if you’re newer to speaking, and the earning potential of each major industry)

How to create a fee structure with different options/packages (and why you should always do this instead of just quoting one fee)

Exactly what your speaking contract should look like (and why you should always call it an “agreement” instead of a “contract”)

The one follow-up email you should always send after quoting your fee to a prospect (this alone will increase your close rate)

How and when to negotiate your fee

Everything you should (and shouldn’t) say during client phone calls if you want to start hearing “yes” more often

Module 5. Know When to Scale

Learning how to consistently booked paid gigs is one thing…but how do you build a healthy, thriving business around yourself as a speaker once momentum starts to grow?

Whether you want to speak full time or on the side, understanding how to scale as your success increases will help you build a sustainable revenue engine without getting overwhelmed or burned out. From business models to taxes and cash flow, Module 5 walks you through all the details that make the difference between hobbyists and professional speakers.

By the end, you’ll know…

How to generate additional revenue from speaking opportunities by selling services, products, or promotional opportunities to your clients

Finance 101 for a 6-Figure Speaking Business: You’ll get an inside look at how to manage your cash flow, avoid costly tax mistakes, and properly structure your business

The risk-free formula for transitioning to full-time speaking (so you know when and how to make the transition without jeopardizing your finances)

How to achieve Road Warrior Status (AKA my exact system for having the easiest and least stressful travel experience possible—you’ll learn everything from what to avoid when booking travel to how to maximize rewards points and more)

The truth about Speaker Bureaus—what they are, what they aren’t, and how to determine if they’re a good fit for you

Did I Mention We'll Only Be an Email (or Message) Away
Anytime You Need Personalized
Feedback or Guidance?

When you enroll in Booked & Paid to Speak, you’ll also get 2 free bonuses designed to give you the individual coaching and accountability you need to overcome any surprise roadblocks or moments of “Hmmm…what’s the best way for me to approach this?”.

12 Months of FREE, Unlimited Email Consulting with The Speaker Lab Team

Remember when I mentioned earlier that I might not have ever booked the first $1,000 gig if a mentor hadn’t given me specific guidance on how to do it?

When you join BPS, I want you to have that same kind of opportunity.

Because even though the course content gives you all the steps to follow, I know how much of a difference getting the right answer to the right question at the right time can make.

That’s why you’ll be able to email our team of coaches at The Speaker Lab anytime you have a question or need some guidance as you navigate the speaking world.

All of our coaches are speakers who are actively getting booked and paid to speak, so you can trust that the feedback you’ll get is coming from someone who’s actually done what you’re trying to do.

Not sure how to respond to an email from an event organizer? We’re there for you.

Need some feedback on whether you’re underpricing yourself or not? We’ve got you.

Want to fine-tune your speaking topics so they’re perfectly aligned with the gigs you’re trying to book? We’ll give you some pointers.

We’re ready to be in your corner if you’re ready to put in the work.

LIFETIME Access to the BPS Insiders Private
Facebook Community + LIVE Monthly Q&A Calls

And if getting my direct feedback from our team of coaches at The Speaker Lab isn’t enough, you’ll also have access to over 1,300 fellow speakers (including me) inside the premium BPS Insiders community on Facebook!

Unlike so many other “premium” Facebook groups, you will not find any cases of “the blind leading the blind” here. Not only is the entire Speaker Lab team active in the community, but so are all of our most successful students, who know firsthand how to use the BPS system to grow your speaking business.

But instead of just talking about it, let me take you behind the curtain and actually show you what the interaction looks like inside the group.

Check out this example from BPS student Lea Pica. She came to the group with a question about her speaking business:

I popped in with a quick recommendation based on what I’ve seen work across multiple industries:

Lea had a follow-up question, so I called in the expertise of Melanie Deziel, another successful BPS student:

Lea took action, implemented our suggestions, and secured an increase to her fee that—on its own—nearly covered her investment in BPS!

Did you notice the level of confidence this kind of individual feedback inspires?

When you KNOW you’re not guessing, taking action becomes 100x easier. And listen, while you may not be ready to ask advanced questions about upcharging for international travel like Lea, that doesn’t mean you won’t find help! On a weekly basis, BPS students get help on all sorts of topics like:

You’ll also be able to attend our LIVE Monthly Q&A Calls, which give you the chance to get your questions answered in real-time by our team of coaches and speaking experts. And if you can’t attend live, no worries—you’ll have access to our full archive of recordings so you can catch up on all the actionable strategies and advice that get covered on the calls.

Whatever challenge you encounter, you’ll have an entire community of seasoned speakers there to talk you through it.

Plus, You'll Also Get Lifetime
Access to 3 More FREE Bonus Resources...

The BPS Vault — Email Scripts, Speaking Contracts, and All the Checklists and Internal Paperwork Our Team Uses for Booking Events

If you want to book paid speaking engagements, you’re going to run into a ton of what I call “But…” moments.

As in:

“I want to email the organizer for this event but… I don’t know what to write…”

“Their executive director just asked me to draw up a contract but… I have no idea what it’s supposed to say…”
“I need to negotiate the fee on our phone call tomorrow but… I don’t want to come off too aggressive…”

These kinds of moments can be crippling to your momentum and confidence.

That’s why we keep a detailed vault full of copy-and-paste email scripts, example contracts, checklists, and more that show you exactly what to say or do to move forward.

The BPS Vault includes:

The business side of speaking doesn’t have to be intimidating. The resources you’ll have access to inside the BPS Vault will help you look (and sound) like a pro, even if you’re brand new to speaking.

12 Advanced Training Sessions with In-Demand Speakers

After creating the resources and lessons for Modules 1-4 of Booked & Paid to Speak, I brought in some of my favorite speakers to dive even deeper into 12 of the most powerful ways to grow your speaking business:

How to Book College Speaking Gigs
(w/ Sarah Merrill)
How to Get Booked to Speak at Conferences
(w/ Philip Taylor)
How to Book Stages
(w/ Pete Vargas)
How to Email Potential Clients Without Being Annoying (w/ Ed Gandia)
How to Create an Online Course from Your Content
(w/ Joseph Michael)
How to Write Your Book
(w/ Allison Fallon)
How to Get Your Book Published
(w/ Darrell Vesterfelt)
How to Self Publish Your Book and Get It into the World (w/ Nathan Barry)
Why Speakers Should Build an Email List (and How to Do It) (w/ Bryan Harris)
How to Create Your Demo Video
(w/ Erin Lashley)
How to Create an Amazing Talk
(w/ Mike Pacchione)
How to Provide a Great Customer Service Experience for Clients (w/ Lisa Klug)

12 BPS Implementation Case Studies

One of our biggest priorities at The Speaker Lab is to document as much student success as possible so we can show you exactly how other students are successfully implementing the lessons and strategies in BPS.

That’s what this fifth bonus is all about. These aren’t the usual “success stories” that just flash a few high dollar amounts and a list of achievements—these are detailed training sessions where I have some of our most successful students walk through exactly how they took the content in BPS and applied it to their unique business, industry, and goals.

From corporate speakers, to education speakers, to college market speakers, to motivational speakers, and more—these in-depth case study videos will give you another window into what you can accomplish with BPS (and HOW you can make it happen).

How Much Experience Should You Have Before Investing in Booked & Paid to Speak?

One of the most harmful lies you can tell yourself is that you don’t have enough knowledge, resources, or experience to start getting serious about launching (or growing) your speaking business.

The first time I was paid to speak, I still found myself wondering, “Who am I to be up here talking to this audience?”

And that was after I’d spent years speaking for free! I was confident my message was worth sharing, but I still doubted if I had enough experience to be worthy of sharing it.

The reality is, there will always be something else you wish you had. A better story. More experience. More time to practice. More breathing room in your schedule.

But none of those things will be more effective at helping you grow as a speaker than actually getting on stage and speaking. And you don’t have to be a refined, polished, world-renowned expert to start doing that. You can start with your current base of knowledge, your experiences, stories, and journey and still make an excellent speaker.

I know not only from my OWN experience, but from what I’ve seen in the experiences of thousands of others…

BPS has 1,000+ students in 39 countries and all 50 U.S. states -- which means it's been tested again and again in virtually every region, market, and industry imaginable.

And those 1,000 students have succeeded at BPS at all different levels of experience.

Students Who Book Their FIRST Paid Speaking Engagement

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of seeing a deposit land in your bank account as a result of sharing a message you’re passionate about with an audience.

There’s also little that feels more impossible when you’re working a full time job and/or raising a family and you’ve never done it before.

How do you find the time? How do you stay focused and consistent?

You follow a plan that tells you exactly what to do so that you can make the most of your available time, just like these students:

Students Who SCALE Their Existing Speaking Business

If you’ve been paid to speak before, you’re already in rare air. Less than 1% of people ever create an opportunity like that for themselves.

But once you’ve done it, you almost instantly become aware of this mythic “next level” beyond those who are paid to speak occasionally.

You see the people who are out there flying to a different event every other week, raining down #motivationmonday humblebrags on Instagram from a business class seat 6,000 feet in the sky.

And even though you’d totally never post anything like that, you know it’s a lot closer to where you want to be than where you are right now.

Maybe you like the art of speaking, but find yourself struggling with the business side of it.

Or maybe you just know there has to be a better, more streamlined system out there for finding, booking, and scaling paid speaking engagements than the scattershot approach you’ve cobbled together out of sheer hustle.

That’s where BPS comes in. It gives you the system to not only discover more speaking opportunities, but to put yourself in the best position to land them and get paid what you’re worth. Just like these students did:

Students Who LEVERAGE Paid Speaking Gigs on the Side to Grow an Existing Business

Not everyone who invests in BPS has their eyes set on a full-time speaking career—and that’s okay!

In fact, speaking is one of the surest ways to bring a flood of clients, customers, or sales to any existing business you’re already focused on growing.

Take Kendra, for example, who not only gets paid for her speaking engagements since enrolling in BPS, but also leverages those engagements to build her coaching practice (which is her primary business):

Regardless where you are right now in your speaking journey, BPS can get you where you want to be.

BPS's Long History of Results Is Why We're Comfortable Offering You Not One, But TWO Money-Back Guarantees

Students who do the work see results. That’s what we’ve seen over and over again, and I hope the case studies throughout this page have given you an idea of what’s possible.

But I get that making an investment in your business can still feel like taking a leap. Especially if you’re one of the many who feel “over-coursed” and “over-webinared.”

Maybe you’ve invested in courses in the past that failed to deliver.

Or maybe you tend to get distracted and lose momentum shortly after the “new course smell” starts to wear off.

That’s why we offer two guarantees designed to not only help you feel confident in your investment, but also to motivate you to focus, take action, and implement once you’re inside:

The 60-Day
"Jump in the Water"

You’ve heard the expression “put a toe in the water.” Well, I want to invite you to JUMP in the water.

Even if you only have a few spare hours per week (and if speaking is a priority for you, trust me—you do), you will find tons of ways to take meaningful action right away. There is much more to BPS than just sitting in front of your computer silently watching videos.

So take the course for 60 days. Do the work and give an honest effort. If you feel like you’re not seeing positive results, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

The 1-Year
"Double Your Investment"

Fast forward 12 months from now.

You jumped in the water in the first 30 days and generated some great initial momentum. You stayed the course and kept taking focused action to grow your speaking business.

I believe if you follow the system we teach and put yourself in position to succeed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have DOUBLED your investment in BPS within one year. And if you haven’t, we’ll give you your money back.

And since you're probably wondering what doubling your investment would look like, let's talk about that!

Invest in Booked & Paid to Speak and Get Your Message in Front of the Audiences It Deserves

When you enroll in
Booked & Paid to Speak,
you get instant access to…

The entire Booked & Paid to Speak Training System ($2,997 Value)

12 Months of Email Consulting with The Speaker Lab Team ($1,997 Value)

LIFETIME Access to the Private BPS Insiders Facebook Community + LIVE Monthly Q&A Calls ($1,997 Value)

The BPS Vault — Email scripts, speaker contracts, and all our internal checklists/paperwork ($1,997 Value)

12 Advanced Training Sessions w/ In-Demand Speakers ($997 Value)

12 BPS Implementation Case Studies
($997 Value)



$197/month for 6 months

Have More Questions?
Here Are Some of the Most Common Ones We Get

Nope! Once you join, you’ll have lifetime access to all the training and any future updates and additions we make. You can go completely at your own pace and with what works best for your schedule, even if that only means a few hours per week.

This course is completely digital, so nothing will be shipped to you. Once you enroll, you’ll receive instructions on how to log into the membership area so you can start accessing the materials.

As I mentioned earlier, BPS has students in 39 countries and all 50 U.S. states, so it’s proven to be market- and region-proof. While some examples in the course may be specific to the U.S., the strategies and tactics will apply just about anywhere.

While there may be small nuances between markets, the process of how to get booked and paid is universally the same. This course will give you what you need to start getting booked and paid to speak in any market.

It will also help you ensure that the market you want to speak to is one that will actually pay you well to do it.

If you hustle and work hard to get your marketing materials in place (website, demo video), you can book your first event within 90 days.

And don’t worry—even if you’re not super tech savvy, we show you plenty of easy, cost-effective (and even free) ways to create everything you need to wow decision makers.

The course is designed in large part to be DIY. I have taken everything I know about the process of getting booked and paid to speak and put it in this course. I will have some involvement in the private Facebook group, but if you want more personalized or customized help, you might consider working with me as a coach.

Want to Hear Directly from Speakers Who Have Actually Been Through BPS? We've Got You Covered

See how Erick Rheam used BPS to generate $35,000 in speaking years during his first year—and $150,000 in his second (all while working a full-time job):
See how Kendra Dahlstrom replaced her six-figure income (in under 12 months) with paid speaking engagements that also brought her tons of new coaching clients:
Chris Cumby started charging (and getting) 3 times his normal speaking fee after BPS “changed the game” for him. See why:
See how BPS helped Bryan Harris navigate the negotiation process to book his FIRST paid speaking gig for $7,000:
Melanie left a successful corporate career to speak, write and consult. See how BPS helped her make this happen:
Hear Pete Smith describe what it was like to go from speaking just a handful of times a year to speaking full-time after implementing BPS:

I Want to Show You Where Speaking Could Take You

One of my favorite things to do is to open up the Photos app on my iPhone and flick through the past several years of pictures.

Speaking has allowed me to go places I never dreamed someone would pay me to visit.

The Philippines. Manhattan. San Diego.

These are humbling reminds of all the memories that wouldn’t have been made—and people my message never would have reached—if I hadn’t stayed focused and put in the work.

That’s why I can’t help but grin ear to ear when I see posts like these from BPS students:

These are literally life-changing experiences. Not just because you get to travel somewhere cool on someone else’s dime, but because you get to see just how far your impact is reaching. And that’s the reason most of us got into this in the first place, isn’t it? But here’s the thing… Dabbling won’t get you to this level. Consistently getting paid speaking engagements isn’t something you can just “fall” into (unless you’re a celebrity, world leader, superstar entrepreneur, or professional athlete). Getting your message in front of the audiences that need it—and making a living in the process—takes focus, commitment, and time.

But the amount of time it takes is entirely dependent on the plan you follow.

I want to give you the kind of plan that will accelerate your timeline and shorten your learning curve. Because when you start to see your hard work translate into early momentum, it makes the focus and commitment part a whole lot easier. So if you’re ready to give your speaking career the shot it deserves, I’m ready to show you how to make it happen. I hope to see you inside the BPS community soon! – Grant Baldwin

Invest in
Booked & Paid to Speak and
Get Your Message in Front
of the Audiences It Deserves

When you enroll in
Booked & Paid to Speak,
you get instant access to…

The entire Booked & Paid to Speak Training System ($2,997 Value)

12 Months of Email Consulting with The Speaker Lab Team ($1,997 Value)

LIFETIME Access to the Private BPS Insiders Facebook Community + LIVE Monthly Q&A Calls ($1,997 Value)

The BPS Vault — Email scripts, speaker contracts, and all our internal checklists/paperwork ($1,997 Value)

12 Advanced Training Sessions w/ In-Demand Speakers ($997 Value)

12 BPS Implementation Case Studies
($997 Value)



$197/month for 6 months