How to Create a Vision for your Speaking Business

How to create a vision for your speaking business

Introduction Last week, we walked you through how to write a mission statement for your speaking business. So it’s no surprise that today we’re covering how to create a vision for your speaking business. Beginner speakers struggling to get their business off the ground often don’t realize a well-crafted vision is the missing link in […]

The Difference between Mission and Vision (for speakers)

The difference between mission and vision (for speakers)

Introduction  If you’ve just decided to start a speaking business, you have a lot of ducks to get in a row. We recommend a simple 5-step process to speaking success: our SPEAK framework that informs all our coaching programs. But like with any entrepreneurial venture, there are a few other important steps that have to […]

Why speaking is a great side hustle for moms

Why speaking is a great side hustle for moms

Introduction Finding a realistic job that offers flexibility to mothers is no easy task. For a while during COVID, remote work opened up new arrangements of balancing childcare with earning an income. But now, many industries are requiring a return to the office. Between the newfound independence of working from home and skyrocketing costs of […]

5 key metrics to growing your speaking business

Introduction If you’re looking to grow your business, you’re probably really passionate about speaking. That’s great. It’s absolutely essential. But unfortunately, being really good at speaking is not necessarily enough to launch a successful business–no matter how great a speaker you are. You could have the most inspirational, original message in the world, but if […]