3 Tips for Making an Impact Through Speaking from Dave Allred

“If something scares you, you should probably do it.” Dave Allred joined Grant on the podcast this week to talk about how he’s built speaking into his career, overcoming fear, and leveraging speaking to build relationships and grow his impact vs just pitching to a bigger audience. Here are the top 3 takeaways from their […]

3 Things Speakers Should Consider Before Using ChatGPT

“This is a relationship business, and while chat GPT may give you the words, you need to make the words your own… You can’t just have random marketing copy and expect it to further the relationship.” TSL Coach Jeremy Rochford is back for another edition of our Coaches Corner podcast with Maryalice this week. Together, […]

3 Ideas to Help You Create a Speaking Career You Love with Dan Martell

“Speaking is a platform to share a message and a story that could transform somebody’s life.” Dan Martell is a SaaS expert, a professional speaker, and an empire owner who joined us on the podcast with Grant to chat about how speaking fits into his business strategy, the mindset he brings to speaking, and the […]

3 Tips to Scale from 0 to 6 Figures in 7 Months with Dr. Reggie Wright

“Commit to your passion and discipline yourself. Have a time management plan. Embrace the initial rejections, because eventually, someone will say yes. And when that opportunity comes, your preparation will shine.” This week, Dr. Reggie Wright joined Grant on the podcast to talk about how Reggie built a six-figure speaking business in only seven months. […]

How to get started as a DEI speaker with Dominique Luster

“The more that you do the work, the more that the work impacts you.” Dominique Luster is a Kentucky gal turned archivist turned professional speaker who joined Grant on the podcast to chat about her speaking journey, finding her niche, how others can get into the DEI space, the future of the DEI space, and […]

3 Tips for Balancing Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals from Angie Besignano

The key is to learn how to fulfill your own energetic needs instead of relying on others to do it for you.  Angie Besignano is one of our coaches here at TSL who joined Maryalice on the podcast this week to talk about energy management and success.   Here are the top 3 takeaways from their […]

3 Tips to Make Your Demo Video Pop with Shawn Hanks of Premiere Speakers Bureau

“Ain’t nobody got time for a video that’s more than a few minutes long.” Shawn Hanks, the CEO of Premiere Speakers Bureau, joined us on the podcast with Grant to chat about demo videos. Here are the top 3 takeaways from their conversation: How long should your demo video be? When it comes to length, […]

3 Tips to Embrace Gratitude and Find Success in Your Life From Dr. Peggy DeLong

“I love that gratitude is universal, that anybody can benefit from gratitude.” Dr Peggy DeLong is a psychologist known as The Gratitude Psychologist. She joined us on the podcast with Maryalice Goldsmith to chat about her journey with gratitude, how she built her speaking business, what her most significant takeaways from the program were, the […]

3 Tips for Using AI as a Speaker from Lauren Teague

“AI is not new and it also is very new.” Lauren Teague is a highly sought-after marketing strategist, speaker, and Brand to Fan podcast host. She sat down with Grant to chat about how she uses AI to work more efficiently, her predictions of what we’ll use AI for in the future, and how she […]

3 Tips to Make The Most of Your Speaker Lab Program Experience from Emily Arnold

“There’s this beautiful thread between all of the speakers that come to us, which is typically a desire to help people ultimately. And so what a community to be a part of?” — Emily Arnold Emily Arnold, our incredible elite concierge, recently joined Maryalice on the podcast to chat about how to best prepare yourself […]