3 Tips on How to Book More Paid Speaking Gigs from Dan Irvin

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the work required to book paid speaking gigs? You’re not the only one. Dan Irvin describes himself as a systems-oriented person who finds structure to be extremely helpful when it comes to booking gigs. This week, he sat down with Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab Podcast to discuss […]

3 Lessons From Brittany Richmond on Overcoming Anxiety as a Speaker

Do you ever face anxiety about speaking? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a problem many speakers face, and none are more acquainted with it than Brittany Richmond, a public speaker and mental health expert. This week, she sat down with Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab Podcast to share her insight and experiences. Here […]

3 Tips to Develop Your Expert Positioning Statement (EPS) from Michelle Onuorah

Who are you as a speaker? Defining your specialty can be challenging as a speaker, but it’s essential if you want to be successful. That’s why Michelle Onuorah emphasizes the importance of knowing your identity. This week, she sat down with Maryalice Goldsmith on The Speaker Lab Podcast and shared her insight on the subject. […]

3 Lessons From Tina Wells on How to Elevate Your Entrepreneurship

Have you ever been confronted by an opportunity that you weren’t sure if you should pursue? Sometimes, it can be tempting to let opportunities control our actions without considering the implications. This week, Tina Wells sat down with Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab Podcast to discuss her career and provide unique insight on how […]

3 Lessons From Amy Porterfield on Building An Online Audience

Have you ever wondered if you’re speaking to the wrong audience? That’s the question that Amy Porterfield had to grapple with when she would find herself realizing as she was preparing a speech that she wasn’t giving her talk to the right crowd.  So how do you make sure you’re communicating with the right audience? […]

3 Lessons From Sara Murray on Building Successful Habits as a Speaker

As Sara Murray transitioned from a sales career to entrepreneurship, she found her focus shifting from the bottom line to the impact she was creating. She learned to bridge the gap between herself and potential clients by deliberately connecting with people as humans first and customers second. In doing so, Sara has developed a prospecting […]

3 Lessons From Shane Sams on How to Prepare A Killer Talk

Recently, Shane Sams sat down with Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab Podcast to discuss the art of preparing a killer talk. Here are the top 3 takeaways from their conversation: Start With a Framework The natural instinct of many speakers is to try to write their talk in a linear fashion from beginning to […]