How to Win at Work by Winning at Home First with Cory Carlson

Grant Baldwin Hey, Grant Baldwin here. Welcome back to The Speaker Lab Podcast. Good to have you here with us. Today we are chatting with my buddy Cory Carlson, and we are going to talk about how to balance being a speaker and entrepreneur, but at the same time, not doing that at the detriment […]

The Power of Executive Presence with Katherine Johnson [Coaches Corner]

Maryalice Goldsmith I’m so excited today to welcome Katherine Johnson to the Coaches Corner Podcast. How are you doing today, Katherine? Katherine Johnson Yeah, I’m doing well. I’m happy to be here with you, Maryalice. Maryalice Goldsmith Yeah. So Katherine joined our team in September, but you have been coaching for quite some time and […]

Silence the Inner Critic with Kindra Hall

Grant Baldwin Last time we had talked, which has been over a year now, it was toward the beginning of the pandemic. Things were just starting to take shape and not in a necessarily good way. How has the speaking business for you played out in the past year and a half, two years or […]

How to Follow the Speaker Success Road Map

Grant Baldwin: Hey, what’s up my friend Graham Baldwin here. Welcome back to the Speaker Lab podcast. Today we’re to be getting questions from Clayton Watson, asking all about the next steps for booking. In the second question, Jeff Dominic is asking about YouTube videos for speakers, meaning that if you have some YouTube videos […]

Speech Breakdown of Toastmasters Champion Ramona Smith

Grant Baldwin: Welcome back to the Speaker Lab. Recently we started a YouTube channel where we are doing a lot of what we’re calling speech breakdowns, where we are taking popular TED talks and speeches and presentations and doing a play-by-play breakdown. We’ve been having a lot of fun with it. We’re going to take […]

How to get Booked to Speak at Colleges

Question: How Do You Start Speaking at Colleges? All right, so today we’ve got a listener question coming in from Eric Moss. And Eric is asking all about speaking at colleges, how do you get booked to speak at colleges? So let’s get into it. Here’s the question. Hey, Grant, I love your podcast. This […]

How to Make it in Marketing with Chris Seo

Grant Baldwin Hey, what’s up friends? Grant Baldwin here. Welcome back to The Speaker Lab podcast. Today we are joined by an in-house guy. We’re joined by Mr. Chris Seo, who is our Director of Marketing here at the Speaker Lab. Chris, first of all, before we dig into marketing, let’s talk about your role. […]

The State of the Speaking Industry in 2023 With Erick Rheam

Grant Baldwin Hey friends, Grant Baldwin here. Thanks for joining us today. We’re also joined by my good friend and co-host, Mr. Erick Ream. Erick and I like to get together. We’ve actually done a lot of these recordings together. But this is one that we’ve done on an annual basis for the past several […]

How to Make Magic From the Stage with Dr. David Palmiter [Student Highlight]

Maryalice Goldsmith Hey everyone, Maryalice Goldsmith here, director of Student Success. I am so glad to be here with you today taking over The Speaker Lab Podcast. It’s a true honor to have the opportunity to introduce you to some of our amazing students. I promise you’re going to learn so much from their experiences […]

How to Write a Book That Actually Grows Your Business with Taurea Vision Avant

Grant Baldwin Hey, what’s up friends? Grant Baldwin here. Welcome back to The Speaker Lab Podcast. Today we are chatting with Taurea Vision Avant, and we’re going to have a great conversation today talking all things speaking and talking about books as well. So thanks for joining us today. How Speaking Fits Into Taurea’s Business […]