When Should You Create Your First Product?

Today’s question comes from Kevin, all about creating products. So a lot of people want to speak, but we also have this opportunity to sell products when we speak and where we speak and the audiences that we speak to. So how do we do that? How does that work? What does that look like? […]

What is a Speaker One Sheet?

Question: What is a Speaker One Sheet? Today’s question comes from Hector who asks, What exactly is a Speaker One Sheet? And do I need one? Answer: Good question, Hector. This is a question I hear a lot from speakers, especially news speakers. It’s one of those terms that’s kind of thrown around – Speaker […]

Insider Tactics from the Top Speakers Today

Grant Baldwin: Graham Baldwin here. Welcome back to the Speaker Lab podcast. What I wanted to do is interview a bunch of friends and some of the top speakers in the business today, and ask them, how the heck are you so good? Okay, that’s not exactly what I asked them, but I asked them, […]

How to Create Your Talk

Creating Your Talk We’re going to be talking about how you actually create your talk. I think this is a challenge that a lot of speakers have, this idea that, “Okay, I know I want to speak and I have some idea of what it is that I want to talk about, but now what? […]

Finding Your Speaking Groove with Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker: It’s been a blistering start of 2016 and I always go hard for a couple of weeks. … I’m not one of those people who can ease back into things. I have to work hard to get kind of back into the groove. But it’s been a great beginning of the new year; […]

How to Deal with Nerves

Nervous? Welcome to the Team. Let’s start off with a quote here. I came across this quote recently that I thought was quite accurate. It came from Mark Twain, who actually did quite a bit of public speaking. I don’t know if you knew that, but Mark Twain said “There are two types of speakers, […]

How To Practice & Rehearse Before Your Next Presentation

Today, we’re going to be talking to you all about how to practice and rehearse your talk. Now, anytime you’ve seen a great speaker, a great performer, sometimes we just have this misconception that they just get up there and it just flows out of them. They just nail it. They just get up there […]

How To Find Your Core Speaking Message with Dan Miller

Grant Baldwin: Welcome back to the Speaker Lab podcast. My name is Grant. Today we are joined by my buddy Dan Miller. Dan is an author and speaker. You may know him from the book 48 Days to the Work You Love. It’s a New York Times bestselling book. That book had a huge impact […]

How To Find & Use Humor When Speaking

Today we are going to be talking all about a subject that is really, really important for speakers to have in their toolbox or in their arsenal. And yet it’s the type of subject or topic that a lot of speakers are nervous about, they’re intimidated by. But we’re going to try to make this […]

How to Grow Your Business with Speaking with Chris Brogan

Grant Baldwin: Today we are joined by my buddy Chris Brogan, speaker, author, entrepreneur, all around good dude. Chris, what’s up, man?  Chris Brogan: Hey, I am thrilled to be here, Grant. Thanks for having me on.  How Speaking Fits Into Brogan’s Business GB: You bet. All right, so you seem to have your hand […]