#475: 3 Things No One Tells You About Being a Speaker with Dr. India White

“You need to believe in yourself and you need to understand that you are validated in what you’re wanting to charge.” In this edition of our Student Highlight series, Brittany Richmond sat down with Tedx Speaker and education thought leader Dr. India White to talk about what it takes to build a speaking business and […]

#473: Should Speakers Use ChatGPT? w/ Jeremy Rochford [Coaches Corner]

Jeremy Rochford serves as a coach for The Speaker Lab

“I think it’s important for speakers to be aware of it, to understand it, not be the type of speaker who’s yelling at clouds like, no, I’m going to avoid this. When used in appropriate context, it can make so many things so much easier. But the challenge, like with any new technology, is really […]

#472: How to Use Your Platform to Maximize Your Legacy with Dan Martell

“Speaking is a platform to share a message and a story that could transform somebody’s life.” This week, Grant is joined by Dan Martell to talk about how to create a nontraditional speaking career. For Dan, speaking isn’t about the money. It’s a way to spread his message and impact lives. Want to leverage your […]

#470: Finding Your Footing as a DEI Speaker with Dominique Luster

“History doesn’t repeat itself. It’s just that humans tend to do the same thing in patterns even if 20 or 40 or 50 years ago they did the exact same thing when faced with the same inputs.” This week on the podcast, Grant brought in Dominique Luster, a TSL alum and a professional speaker in […]

#468: Everything You Need to Know About Demo Videos with Shawn Hanks

“The key to a great demo video is showcasing your best work and highlighting your strengths. It should effectively demonstrate your skills, talent, and unique qualities in a concise and captivating manner.” Demo videos are mission-critical to getting booked and paid as a professional speaker. Today, Grant sat down with Shawn Hanks. Shawn is the […]

#467: The Impact of Gratitude with Dr. Peggy DeLong [Student Highlight]

“There were two modules that were particularly helpful for me…The module about preparing your talk was really helpful…It helped me fill in stories where I needed to fill in a story and applications for real-life examples…And then the other part was the last module, Know When to Scale…That last module helped me really make sense […]

#466: How Speakers Can Maximize Their Time by Leveraging AI with Lauren Teague

“AI enhances my creativity and helps me explore new ideas. From AI-generated music and artwork to machine learning algorithms that assist in brainstorming and content creation, it has become an invaluable tool in my creative process.” Today, Grant sat down with Lauren Teague to chat about her speaking business and how she uses AI as […]