#449: Why Every Speaker Needs an Email List with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield describes herself as an “ex-corporate girl turned accidental entrepreneur.” It’s hard to believe it was an accident! Amy runs an incredibly successful business teaching other entrepreneurs how to grow their following online. She is an author, podcaster, and occasional speaker with a special knack for building email lists and creating online courses. With […]

#447: How to Prepare a Killer Talk with Shane Sams

Shane Sams is a man who has taken control of his life. After a scary experience with a supervisor that got in the way of caring for his family, he struck out into entrepreneurship with his wife so they could quit their 9-5s and be more fully present with their kids. The best part is, […]

#445: How to Write a Book That Actually Grows Your Business with Taurea Vision Avant

Taurea Vision Avant

Every week, our Speaker Lab podcast guests surprise us with all the exciting twists and turns of their journey to the stage. This week’s guest, Taurea Vision Avant, is no exception – listen in to episode 445 to hear her adventures from computer science, to network marketing, to authorship, coaching and beyond. In fact, Taurea […]

#444: How to Develop Perseverance as a Speaker with Alex Lee [Student Highlight]

Do you think some careers just aren’t a good fit for speaking? Think again! This week, we invited a world champion salsa dancer on the podcast. Not only is he a professional dancer, but also a veteran firefighter–we’re talking about Alex Lee, one of our Booked and Paid to Speak program alumni featured in our […]

#443: How to Master the Evolution of Your Speaking Business with Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar is a speaker who does it all. He writes books. He runs coaching programs. He’s amassed hundreds of thousands of followers in his social media communities. He’s done multiple TEDx talks. And most importantly, he’s a self-described doting dad. If you’re wondering how he manages to juggle so many balls alongside his speaking […]

#441: Why Introverts Often Make the Best Public Speakers with Mike Bechtle

Speaking can be pretty intimidating for introverts. In fact, you might be under the impression that all successful professional speakers are extroverts. After all, isn’t getting up on a stage the ultimate example of being a “people person”? As a matter of fact, introverts can be great public speakers–and they often bring something unique to […]

#440: How to Win at Work by Winning at Home First with Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson

Balancing your work with your personal and family life is a challenge for any ambitious professional, but it can be especially taxing for speakers. Scaling your speaker business to the point where you can make a living takes time, and in those early “lean years” you might be traveling to every gig you can land […]