Top 10 Public Speaking Podcasts You Should Know About

The Speaker Lab Podcast

Introduction So, you’re looking for a public speaking podcast to listen to, but you don’t know where to begin? Here at The Speaker Lab, we’ve collated a list of the top 10 public speaking podcasts for aspiring speakers. Check it out below! 1. The Speaker Lab Podcast Want to learn how to get booked and […]

Top 10 Professional Speaking Conferences You Should Know About

Top 10 Speaking Conferences You Should Know About

Introduction If you’ve started a speaking business, but are still figuring out the lay of the land, you may benefit from networking with other professional speakers. But where do you find them? While the internet has some forums for professional speakers, professional speaking conferences represent another golden opportunity to make connections with others in your […]

How to pay taxes as a speaker

paying taxes as a speaker

Introduction Do you dread taxes or worry you aren’t using the right entity for your speaking business? In this post, we are going to tackle how to pay taxes as a speaker. As a full-time speaker, I sometimes get asked about how to structure a speaking business for tax purposes. The first thing to know […]

9 Travel Tips For Speakers

travel tips

Introduction If you are somebody who loves to travel, then a public speaking career will definitely be appealing to you, because you’re going to get to travel A LOT. But maybe you’re not super experienced in traveling frequently and want to figure out how to make it the best experience possible. Here at the Speaker […]

How to write a speaker contract

How to write a speaker contract

Introduction So you’ve started a speaking career, booked your first gig, and you get an email asking for a speaker contract. What do you do? What should be included in your contract? How much should you charge? What is a “speaking agreement” and is it different than a contract? How do you handle deposits and […]

6 Tips from Successful Female Speakers

woman on stage in a panel discussion. How to become a panelist

Introduction In the speaking industry, just the idea of female motivational speakers, researchers, and coaches would have a century ago been regarded as radical. But today, women around the world have made headlines with powerful speeches. These include Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk about cyberbullying, Greta Thurnberg’s speech to world leaders at the United Nations Climate […]

How to get a speaking gig with a Fortune 500 company

How to get a speaking gig with a Fortune 500 company

Introduction If you’ve read our post, “How much does a public speaker make?” you might have noticed that one of the most lucrative paid public speaking opportunities is speaking for companies and at corporate conferences. But how do you get a speaking gig with a Fortune 500 company or another corporate client? Because of their […]

How much does a public speaker make?

How much does a public speaker make?

Introduction If you are a coach, consultant, or businessperson and you have thought about starting a side business to supplement your income, you might be looking for ways to leverage your expertise to attract new clients. Developing a speaking career can help protect and grow your coaching or consulting business during a recession or any […]

How Much to Charge for Speaking?

how much to charge for public speaking

Most speakers generally prefer to get paid for their efforts. I don’t know about you, but I like to eat and live indoors, therefore, I like it when people give me money for my talks. But knowing what to charge in the beginning is one of the biggest challenges and hangups for new speakers… Do […]

5 biggest challenges to starting a public speaking career

5 biggest challenges to getting started with a public speaking career

Introduction A public speaking career can give you a significant new income stream from speaking fees. It can give you visibility in front of audiences that are open to your message. And it can grant you massive credibility and authority (people always trust the person onstage). But it is not without challenges. Read on for […]