How to memorize a speech

memorize speech

Introduction You’ve just been invited to give a talk. That’s great! Whether it’s for your speaking business or just a short speech in front of one of your community groups, you may be wondering how and whether to memorize your talk. What are some tips for memorizing it? How can you keep from forgetting your […]

How to give an award acceptance speech

award acceptance speech

Introduction Congratulations! You’ve won an award. Maybe you’ve been selected for the prestigious National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame. Maybe you’ve been named volunteer of the year for your local service club. Whatever you’ve won, now you may be wondering: how do I give an award acceptance speech? what kind of a speech am I […]

Should you hire a speaking agent?

agent shaking hands with speaker

Introduction At The Speaker Lab, we’re dedicated to helping people from all walks of life become professional, paid speakers. As a result, we field a lot of questions about speaking agents, such as “Should you hire a speaking agent?”. Aspiring speakers often think that they have to have an agent before they can really build […]

5 reasons to take public speaking classes

public speaking class

Introduction If you’re a coach, consultant, author, online entrepreneur, you have probably thought about how to share your message and increase your impact. To that end, you might have considered taking public speaking classes to refine your skills and hone your stage presence. Perhaps you’ve considered a group like Toastmasters, or maybe you’ve thought about […]

How to create a speaker one sheet (with examples)

Introduction If you feel overwhelmed by all the hats you have to wear and balls you have to juggle as a speaker, you’re not alone. A huge part of our mission at The Speaker Lab is demystifying the unknowns when it comes to starting a speaking business. Today we’re going to address one common source […]

How to get speaking engagements

how to get speaking engagements

Public speaking is something that is either incredibly terrifying or incredibly fascinating to most people. Being in front of a group of people presenting is an incredible rush. There’s nothing quite like it. Once most people get a taste of it, they can’t wait to do it again. But most people also don’t know how […]

7 things you should know about Toastmasters

small group speaker meeting toastmasters style

Introduction If you’re an aspiring professional public speaker, chances are you’ve heard of Toastmasters. With chapters across the United States and the world, it is one of the most ubiquitous public speaking organizations out there. But what exactly is Toastmasters? Who is Toastmasters for? Is it open to just anyone, regardless of experience? How much […]

How to become a full-time public speaker

How to become a full time speaker

Introduction Most full time public speakers don’t start out as speakers. Most speakers start out as ordinary people with mundane day jobs who slowly find themselves taking on more and more speaking engagements. Maybe it started out as a way to make extra cash, but now you’re looking forward to that time on stage more […]

How to become a certified public speaker

public speaking certificate application certification

Introduction Interested in becoming a paid public speaker? Then you might have heard about public speaker certificates or trainings to become a certified public speaker. But what exactly is a speaker certification? What types of public speaker certifications are there? Can they help speakers? How much does it cost to become a paid public speaker, […]

12 public speaking books you need to read

public speaking book

Introduction Starting a speaking business is exhilarating and rewarding… and very stressful. Being a public speaker isn’t easy, and if you’re like most people you’ve probably looked for public speaking tips to help you become a better speaker. These 12 public speaking books listed below can help you learn how to become a public speaker, […]