How to Create Impactful Stories as a Speaker

How to Create Impactful Stories as a Speaker

Introduction Have you tried telling stories when you speak?  The answer is probably yes, as all the greatest speakers use stories to their advantage.  But do you know how to create real impact with those stories? How to tell them so that they come alive, leave your audience thinking, and contribute to the personal brand […]

How to Create Effective Speaking PowerPoint Presentations

How to Create Effective Speaking PowerPoint Presentations

Introduction On your path to becoming a speaker, you overcome a lot of hurdles. You find your niche, you market yourself, you land a few local gigs, and then your first big keynote. You’ve finally “made it” in your industry and you’ll be speaking to thousands at a conference. During your last check-in with the […]

What ChatGPT and AI can do for speakers

what ChatGPT and AI can do for speakers

Introduction  If you follow the tech world to any great extent, you’ve probably heard or read about ChatGPT and other AI (artificial intelligence) tools. But what are they exactly, and how are they used? Furthermore, what sort of benefits and challenges to ChatGPT and other AI tools present to speakers? In this article, we’ll attempt […]

Top 10 movies about public speaking

public speaking movies

Introduction Presenting in public can be a daunting experience for many. Whether it’s a class presentation, or a keynote speech or even a wedding toast, the mere thought of having to address an audience can be nerve-wracking. Presentation skills are often best practiced in front of others, but what if you are not even ready […]

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Speaking Business

how to use social media to market your speaking business

Introduction Social media is a part of everyday life and a powerful business tool. But how can you use social media to market your speaking business? The Speaker Lab podcast hosted acclaimed speaker, author and expert Jon Acuff on episode 167 to address just that. Jon is an experienced public speaker and best-selling author. He […]

9 Steps to Becoming a Keynote Speaker

keynote speaker

Introduction If you’re looking to get booked and paid to speak, you may have heard that keynote speakers are among the best-paid and most in-demand professional public speakers. But what are the steps to becoming a keynote speaker? What is a keynote speaker? The keynote speaker is the leading figure at large conferences or events. […]

How a recession can benefit your speaking business

How a recession can benefit your speaking business

Introduction Do you have a plan to protect and grow your income during the impending recession? With a recession on the horizon (if not already here), now is the perfect time to diversify your income with paid public speaking gigs. With more and more people getting worried about the economic outlook, you would do well […]

Top 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Speaking

secrets of the speaking industry

Introduction If you are just starting out as a professional public speaker, it may be a struggle to not know what you don’t know. On a recent episode of The Speaker Lab podcast, Jane Atkinson, founder and creator of The Speaker Launcher, and author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, talked to Grant Baldwin about some […]

Top 10 Speaker Lab Podcast Episodes

The Speaker Lab Podcast

Introduction Looking to get booked and paid as a speaker? You’re in luck! The Speaker Lab Podcast provides essential business tactics, speaking tips, and key strategies from Grant Baldwin, The Speaker Lab coaches, and highly-successful speakers. Over the course of 423 episodes (and counting), you’ll learn how to find speaking gigs, build relationships in your […]

How To Be An Emcee

emcee how to be an MC master of ceremonies

Introduction Have you ever considered adding Master of Ceremonies (MC) to your speaking offerings? Being an MC can help you learn how to add energy to the proceedings of your speaking events and help you make yourself vital to event organizers. The role of an MC is to be the “host” of an event, and […]