How to Write a Mission Statement for your Speaking Business

How to write a mission statement for your speaking business

Introduction For good reason, many aspiring speakers are excited about the fun, glamorous parts of becoming a professional speaker. But the “fun” cannot come without the fundamentals. Certain elements of your business, such as your mission and vision, require special attention because they inform everything you do. With an eye to those fundamentals, today we’re […]

How to Make Effective Use of Body Language as a Speaker


Introduction No matter how well-crafted your talk is, poor body language can butcher the whole thing. We aren’t saying that to scare you, but to empower you to work on your body language alongside other speaking skills. If you haven’t yet mastered how to make effective use of body language as a speaker, today’s piece […]

The Speaker Lab Reviews

Looking for The Speaker Lab reviews? Look no further! We are proud of the positive reviews we’ve received from our students, who have worked with The Speaker Lab to make their businesses more efficient, predictable, and profitable. See just a few examples below! Pamela used Grant’s advice to make her presentation better than it had […]

7 Networking Tips for Public Speakers

7 Networking tips for public speakers

Introduction Building your network is an essential strategy for growing your speaking career. If you go back to the TSL podcast and blog archives, you’ll see this topic has come up again and again. But that’s a lot of content to digest, and sometimes you just need a simple summary. In a world full of innumerable […]

57 Resources for Speakers

So you’ve just started your speaking career. What are some resources for speakers like you to get started building their speaking business? There are a lot of great tools for speakers to build their business, and it can be overwhelming to know what to use or where to go. To make it simpler, we put […]

What You Need to Know About Brand Storytelling

personal brand

Introduction Have you ever said, “I have a great story, but I don’t know how to market it or get started”? If so, this post is for you. If you’re beginning your paid public speaking career, it is important for you to know how to do brand storytelling. This post will help you to discover […]

10 Secrets You Need to Know About the Speaking Industry

secrets of the speaking industry

Introduction Hey friend, Grant Baldwin here, bringing you a few secrets you need to know about the speaking industry. I don’t think someone in the speaking industry can go from a complete nobody to delivering a keynote at a national conference “overnight.” It doesn’t work like that. If you been in the speaking industry for […]

How to build your network

Person learning how to build your network

Introduction Whether you’re a seasoned professional, budding entrepreneur, or anywhere in between, learning how to build your network is essential to advancing your career. But popular trends might have you wondering…does every entrepreneur have to be a social media influencer? Do you have to recite an elevator pitch for your business to everyone you meet […]