How to get a book deal

how to get a book deal

Introduction Writing a book is an incredible way to amplify a message, maximize your business’s impact, or make your expertise accessible for public consumption. If you’ve chosen to go the route of traditional publishing (more on making that decision here), you’re probably wondering how to get a book deal. If you navigate the process well, […]

How To Publish A Book & Get Paid

The traditional publishing process is arduous enough to dash the hopes of many aspiring authors. Don’t let the statistically slim prospects of reliable income scare you! Authors don’t get rich just on book sales. Luckily for today’s writers, more and more strategies are available to help you publish a book and get paid. Here at The […]

How To Write A Book Proposal

Sending a book proposal to a publisher is the first big step to getting your book into print. Whether you’re working alone or with an agent, our guide will help you write a book proposal that will wow everyone who reads it! And even if the first book deal doesn’t work out, you’ll be equipped […]

How to Write A Book Outline

Writing a book outline is an essential step toward the monumental project of writing a book. You will write faster, minimize time crunches, and produce a more compelling argument. Get ready to write a book outline with our guide, and your readers, editors, and publishers will thank you! Have you had a book idea bouncing […]

How To Become An Author

Becoming a published author is an exciting milestone in any aspiring writer’s journey. Getting there successfully can be a long and arduous road–but it is so worth it when you hold the first freshly-printed copy in your hands! If you landed here, you’re probably trying to make your writing hobby up to more than a […]