015. How to Find Your Speaking Groove With Chris Ducker

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Chris Ducker joins The Speaker Lab's Grant Baldwin to talk about finding your groove as a speaker, and much more!

When you’re thinking of what subject to speak on remember that topic will change over time. In the course of your career, your topic will even change a few times, it will evolve as you evolve as a professional speaker.

A great reminder of this is Chris Ducker, our guest on this episode. If you don’t know him Chris is a best-selling author, multi-successful entrepreneur and in-demand speaker who has given presentations and keynotes around the globe.

Chris started speaking almost by accident (a story he shares today), and over the years he has evolved his speaking gigs to reflect his entrepreneurial journey. Today he shares why he’s pivoted along the way, and how he’s done it. You’ll hear all of that and much more on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • Does Chris still get nervous before his gigs?
  • The one trick he uses before going on stage to be calm and collected.
  • How did Hong Kong cinema lead to Chris’ first speaking gig?
  • When did his speaking career truly take off?
  • Who was in the audience during his first speaking gig for the online world?
  • How he has narrowed down his speaking topic over the years.
  • What does he look for when hiring a speaker for his event?
  • Chris shares his “couldn’t be worse than this” moment!
  • And much, much more!

Tweetable: “You have to get started, you have to get going.” – Chris Ducker


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