080. How to Sell From Stage With Cole Hatter

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Cole Hatter joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker to talk about selling from stage, and much more!

Can you imagine speaking for 3 days? What if it meant making 7 figures a year – can you imagine it then? Our guest for today, Cole Hatter, doesn’t imagine it – he lives it.

Cole began as a multi-million dollar real estate investor who continues to run several companies in that industry today, as well as speaking from the stage around the world.

On episode 80 of The Speaker Lab, Cole is here to talk about how he got into speaking, how he uses his own successes and failures as examples for his audience and what it’s like to speak on stage for 72 hours! He shares all of that and more on today’s show.


  • What were some of his earliest steps he took to start speaking?
  • How speaking for free – and even losing money on gigs – helped build his career.
  • What’s it like to speak for three days at a seminar?
  • How and why you must earn the right to be on stage.
  • Why honesty is the best policy when selling on stage, and elsewhere.
  • What does it mean to sell at 90 degrees?
  • What are open loops and why are they key to selling from the stage?
  • How to position your product as the solution to real-world problems.
  • And so much more!

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Cole Hatter


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