018. How to Find Your Core Speaking Message With Dan Miller

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Dan Miller joins The Speaker Lab's Grant Baldwin to talk about his entry into public speaking and how to find your core message as a speaker.

On today’s episode of The Speaker Lab, I’m sitting down with accomplished author and speaker Dan Miller to talk about his personal business model and his other endeavors, and of course his speaking career.

Dan offers his sage-like advice on how to decide which audience will respond your message the best, and also how he made the transition from speaking as an “extra” in his business to speaking professionally.

Listen in to hear all of that and so much more on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • How you can find your core message.
  • How can you decide where to go to speak?
  • Dan’s journey to becoming a professional speaker.
  • Can speaking for free help you?
  • How can you use resources to your advantage?
  • Which should come first- the products or the speaking?
  • The importance of having stories in your speaking.
  • Dan’s “it can’t be worse than this” stories!
  • And much, much more!

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