282. Focusing on Your Speaking Topic with David Newman

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Narrowing down and focusing on your speaking topic can be one of the harder aspects of speaking.

Here to help ease that process is David Newman. David is a professional speaker who also coaches other speakers, and an all-around great guy!

Today on The Speaker Lab, we talk about everything from speaking fees, the NSA and demo videos. He even walks us through a specific exercise to find the right topic that has speaking opportunities within it. Be sure to join us and hear it all on episode 281 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Do we often teach what we ourselves need to learn?
  • How did he narrow his topic down from 30 potential options?
  • What it means if nobody else is talking about your subject matter.
  • Why actively choosing our own niche is a powerful privilege.
  • How do you know if there is a market for your topic?
  • Why it’s necessary to pivot throughout your career.
  • Can you have both depth and variety in your speaking offerings?
  • Why speaking is the new marketing.
  • And so much more!

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