098. How to Email Potential Clients With Ed Gandia

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Ed Gandia joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about prospecting for speaking gigs via email.

Have you emailed potential clients about speaking gigs only to hear crickets? If you aren’t getting the response you want (or any response at all), today’s show is just your cup of tea. Ed Gandia is the master of using email for prospecting.

On episode 98 of The Speaker Lab, Ed and I talk about his previous life as an IT services sales person, as well as how he discovered the proper way to use email as a prospecting tool and later built a career from it.

Today Ed has pearls of wisdom on everything from the importance of interrupting the email status quo, the role snail mail plays as a connecting tool, and the different components your initial email must have to be successful. Check it out on episode 98 of The Speaker Lab!


  • How can you make your email stand out?
  • Advanced Google search techniques you can use to find an email address.
  • Why you should make your first email 125 words or less.
  • What are Ed’s four meaningful connections to use in your emails?
  • What are the two reasons to end your email with a question?
  • What generates the biggest response rate in the initial communication with a client?
  • How to follow up without being annoying!
  • What response rate should you expect to from your first email?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Work with whatever level of trust you have built!”  Ed Gandia