Learn The 5 Step Framework That Helped Me Build My 7-Figure Speaking Career

This is the exact system used to help thousands of speakers earn $500 to $100K per speaking gig allowing them to increase their impact, income, and ability to travel (even during this pandemic).

In this FREE 1-hour training “How to Get Booked & Paid to Speak (Even During COVID)” you will learn:

  • How to acquire paid speaking gigs NOW even if you have no experience, no audience, or no following.
  • How to market yourself as a speaker (without being sales-y).
  • The 5-step system designed to grow your speaking business during the tail end of the pandemic.
  • How savvy speakers are charging higher fees.
  • Why COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise for many paid speakers and how to leverage the industry landscape to grow your speaking business this year.
  • Why NOW is the best time in history to launch your speaking business and how to get started.
  • Plus a Q&A where I address any and all of your speaking business questions (Free consulting!).
  • And put away your credit card because there’s NOTHING for sale! Just solid content to help speakers.

About Your Host

Grant Baldwin is the founder of The Speaker Lab and Author of The Successful Speaker. He has earned over $2 million from 500+ paid engagements all over the world and has done everything from closed-door workshops to keynotes in front of 13,000 people.

These numbers are mentioned for two reasons:

1. You deserve to know that Grant has actually practiced what he teaches (and that he’s not just another online “guru”). This training covers the exact methods he used to build his speaking career and help thousands of students do the same (even during COVID).

2. Since starting The Speaker Lab, he has seen over and over how attainable these kinds of career-altering numbers are for people in just about every industry imaginable. Grant started from scratch with no audience or major following and you can too.



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