Why Generosity is a Strategic Advantage in Times of Crisis with Vinh Giang

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Grant Baldwin and Vinh Giang hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how speakers and magicians can adapt to delivering virtual experiences in unprecedented times.

During the live stream, in addition to a live magic trick, Grant and Vinh discuss:

  • How a state-mandated shutdown impacts live performers
  • Identifying audience categories and how to serve them
  • Assuming a position of generosity as a strategic investment
  • Putting relationships first
  • Accepting the new normal of virtual events
  • The opportunity to redefine webinar experiences and improve the quality
  • How do you have conversations with event planners to explore virtual options
  • Your audience still has the same needs now that they had before a crisis
  • How to help clients deliver value to their audiences through virtual
  • Role-playing a client call with someone interested in learning about virtual event options
  • Production value is under-estimated for virtual presenters
  • The indispensable value of being so good they can’t ignore you
  • How to stand out from the crowd in this unique time
  • Hidden innovations to uncover in the midst of trials
  • Fostering audience engagement through interactive technology
  • The only 2 things you can control
  • And more


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