086. How to Hire and Build a Team

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How do you know when it’s the right time to hire someone? Whether you think you need help now or you simply have an eye to the future, today’s episode is all about hiring a staff to grow your speaking career.

On episode 86 of The Speaker Lab, I’ll be sharing my personal staffing journey: who I hired, when I hired them and how I paid them.

I’ll also answer the most pressing hiring questions we all have as speakers: do we need to hire someone? How do we know if we can trust them? How should they get paid? Can we afford the expense of staff?

Listen in for the answers to those questions, and much more on today’s solo episode of The Speaker Lab.


  • How do you know if you even need to hire someone?
  • What are the most valuable resource and commodity we all have?
  • The 3 list exercise to help you figure out what to hire for when you’re ready.
  • Cash is king in a new what?
  • Why selling has to be your top priority, and can never be outsourced.
  • Where to find the right person to hire, and how to know they are a fit.
  • Why doing a 30 day or 60-day trial run with a new hire is important.
  • Why not hire someone full-time right away?
  • And so much more!

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