131. How to Build Your Consulting Business With Speaking With Joe Sanok

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Joe Sanok joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about creating and growing a consulting business as a speaker in a select niche, and more.

What if you’d like speaking to be a complement to other aspects of your business, like consulting? Should you approach speaking differently if so? Today’s guest has your answers!

Joe Sanok is the founder of Practice of the Practice, a speaking and consulting business that helps counselors in private practice to start, grow and scale their practices. Joe speaks selectively as a keynote and does so in a way that generates consulting leads.

On this episode, he shares how he generates potential consulting clients from select speaking gigs,  and how he’s established himself as a keynote in his super specific niche. We also dive into how he and his family made the final leap from full-time employment to full-time self-employment. Listen in to hear that and more on the 131st edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • How does he identify which events are right for him and his business?
  • Why did he start the Most Awesome Conference?
  • How to identify if a niche is big enough to support your business.
  • What’s the “trojan horse method” and how do you use it as a speaker?
  • How to connect with event organizers to create long-term relationships.
  • Why and how to set boundaries and rhythms in your business and your life.
  • How to reverse engineer so you know what your rates should be.
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “We have to have analytics, but we also have to have heart.”  – Joe Sanok