066. How to Use Webinars in Your Speaking Business With John Corcoran

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John Corcoran joins Grant Baldwin's The Speaker Lab to talk webinars and more!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to host a successful webinar? My good friend and future webinar co-host, John Corcoran, offers some valuable help on episode 66!

John excels in many vital aspects of it, including marketing and networking. He’s found that the webinar model is a great business model because it creates so much communication with an audience.

On today’s episode, John discusses how he found webinars and how he integrated them into his business. He also breaks down how to research the topic or theme of your webinar, and the similarities between conducting a webinar and speaking live in front of an audience.

John is a wealth of knowledge on webinars, tune in to hear all it all on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • The pros of using webinars as an addition to your speaking business.
  • How can webinars earn new clients?
  • What you can do to begin building a webinar audience.
  • What webinar tools are the best to use?
  • How can you promote your new webinar and who can help you?
  • The most important things to include in your webinar presentation.
  • What are the benefits you can give your listeners from webinars?
  • What to expect from the webinar we’ve created for you!
  • And much, much more.

Tweetable: You want to give your audience results.” – John Corcoran