169. How to Be Comfortable With Your Imperfections With John Michael Morgan

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To be comfortable with your imperfections may not be a speaking goal you’ve set for yourself but our guest on today’s episode of The Speaker Lab shares how doing so has made an impact on his career and an even bigger impact on his audience.

John Michael Morgan is a world-class coach, best-selling author and keynote speaker who has found just how powerful it is to be raw, vulnerable and real with his audiences. On this episode of The Speaker Lab he shares how he came to this discovery and how doing so helped him branch out from speaking on branding and marketing to also speaking about the power of mindset.

You’ll also hear John’s story of what he learned from interrupting Seth Godin at breakfast and how to create a distinct speaking brand even if you have a common name. This is a fun and illuminating learning session on the 169th edition of The Speaker Lab with John Michael Morgan!



  • If you have a common name how can you create a distinctive personal brand?
  • How did he make the shift from talking about branding to speaking on mindset?
  • Why being raw made his speaking more relevant to his audience.
  • What is the purpose of influence?
  • How to put your oxygen mask on first.
  • What is the core strategy in all of speaking, in his opinion?
  • What are two common limiting beliefs speakers have?
  • Do you have to be an expert first in order to be successful?
  • And so much more!

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