283. Staying Positive on Your Speaking Journey with Jon Gordon

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Staying positive on your speaking journey will help you succeed, and our guest today is the perfect example of this.

Jon Gordon is the author of Stay Positive, The Energy Bus, and many other best-sellers. He’s also an equally prolific and successful speaker.

On episode 282 of The Speaker Lab, he tells us how he got started speaking, the pros and cons of speaking for free, and how he thinks about his business beyond the stage. Join us for this intriguing and illuminating conversation with Jon Gordon on this edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • How does he take the challenges of flying and transform them into opportunities?
  • Why did he give 80 free talks?
  • Why you shouldn’t expect to be good when you start.
  • From where did he get the idea for his first book?
  • What a telescope and a microscope have to do with achieving your goals.
  • How can you take a big topic and carve your own niche within it?
  • What does research show about positivity?
  • What is the power of being introverted?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Failures aren’t meant to define you, but to refine you. Jon Gordon


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