076. How to Choose Your Speaking Gigs With Jordan Harbinger

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Jordan Harbinger joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about his criteria for choosing speaking gigs, and much more!

If you already have a business becoming a speaker can only expand your reach, your audience and how many people you can serve. A great example of this is our guest, Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm.

Jordan is the co-founder and host of The Art of Charm. The AOC, as it is called for short, is an in-person school as well as a podcast focused on helping men achieve peak performance in every area of life. Jordan’s been interviewing experts for his show since before most of us knew what a podcast was!

On today’s show, he shares some of the knowledge he’s learned in that time.  Jordan explains how to build relationships with event organizers, the three criteria he considers when evaluating a potential speaking gig and why you must be comfortable hearing the word no in order to land more gigs. Check it out on episode 76 of The Speaker Lab!


  • What’s been the biggest value-add Jordan has gotten out of being a speaker?
  • The three things he considers when asked to speak at an event.
  • Why exposure isn’t a reason to speak.
  • What’s the difference between Ted Talks and Tedx Talks?
  • Why is networking at an event high on his priority list?
  • What is the people-location-compensation calculation?
  • How to get feedback when you are turned down for a speaking gig.
  • What’s a recipe for unhappiness?
  • And so much more!

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Jordan Harbinger