303. Speaking Part-Time to Grow Your Full-Time Business

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#303 Episode

Speaking Part-Time to Grow Your Full-Time Business

Speaking part-time to grow your full-time business can be a surefire way to expand your reach, maximize your impact and your bottom line. Our guest is a living example of this and she joins us to share her journey.

Liz Bohannon is a very successful keynote speaker but speaking itself is secondary to her full-time gig. Primarily, she is the founder and CEO of a lifestyle jewelry company called Sseko Designs.

On today’s The Speaker Lab, she tells us how speaking moves the needle of her lifestyle business and whether she is representing herself when she speaks or her business. We finish with what value there is in experiences themselves, including one of the riskiest and craziest stories you may ever hear!

Listen in to hear that story along with her passion, energy and insights on episode 303 with Liz Bohannon.


  • How do you harness the power of your own stories?
  • How to translate your personal experiences into topics for your audience.
  • Why sharing your message is an act of service to others.
  • When does she speak on behalf of herself and when does she speak on behalf of Sseko?
  • What questions should you ask to pinpoint the best speaking events for your business?
  • Should you build your business and your service for one person?
  • What do we need instead of more content?
  • Why you should give yourself time to let the “wow” set in, before the “how”.
  • And so much more!

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