293. What Meeting Planners Want With Jay Baer

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#293 Episode

What Meeting Planners Want With Jay Baer

Knowing what meeting planners want from a speaker can be the difference between booking some gigs and being a full-time speaker. Our guest today has the inside scoop on this very topic and he’s telling us the answers on episode 293 of The Speaker Lab!

Jay Baer is an exceptionally successful speaker who has been in the industry for a long time, and has accrued a wealth of knowledge along the way. Today on The Speaker Lab, we talk about Jay’s recent research study that surveyed 150 event planners. We dig into what topics planners are looking for, what they want and hows event planners find speakers.

Join us to hear the details on all of those topics and more episode 293 of The Speaker Lab with Jay Baer.


  • Why microcategories may be your ticket to success.
  • Who speaks on more topics: mediocre speakers or great speakers?
  • How much customization should you do for your speaking gigs?
  • Substance versus showmanship: what balance do you need to strike?
  • How can you build momentum when you are just starting out?
  • Why bringing something unique to the stage gives you an innate advantage.
  • What are ways to test your material?
  • How does Jay think the coronavirus will affect speaking topics going forward?
  • And so much more!

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