271. How to Communicate in an Online World with Nick Morgan

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How to communicate in an online world is very different from in-person communication, and today’s guest is an expert at both!

Dr. Nick Morgan is returning to The Speaker Lab to talk about his latest book, Can You Hear Me?. The book is about how to connect with people in a virtual world including how to ensure you are getting the correct message across to your clients. We also talk about the power of emojis!

This is a wide-ranging conversation I think you will really enjoy so join us for episode 271 of The Speaker Lab with Nick Morgan.


  • What can you do offstage to ensure more referrals?
  • How does negativity bias impact our virtual communication?
  • Does using emojis give you a greater chance at having a successful email exchange?
  • How should you use emojis?
  • What is the hierarchy of communication in the online world?
  • What are things to keep in mind when talking on the phone?
  • How many years does it take to learn to have a normal conversation?
  • What does consistency tell others about our trustworthiness?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable:  “This is a business based entirely on trust.” – Dr. Nick Morgan



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