337. Pivoting in Response to the Pandemic with Clint Pulver

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#337 Episode

Pivoting in Response to the Pandemic with Clint Pulver

How have you been pivoting in response to the pandemic? It’s impacted the speaking industry and hear to tell us all about it is repeat guest and friend of the show, Clint Pulver.

We’re catching up with Clint to hear about the pivots and shifts he’s made during the pandemic into virtual speaking and what he sees as the long-term implications within the industry.

Join us to hear why he resisted virtual at first, the versatility virtual speaking offers and so much more on today’s The Speaker Lab!


  • What does trombone oil have to do with speaking?
  • How do pop-ins add to his business?
  • What are ways he’s combatting Zoom fatigue for his audiences?
  • How can you keep a pulse on the audience when you’re online?
  • How has virtual helped him become a better speaker?
  • Where should you start when upgrading your virtual production?
  • Is virtual always going to be a part of his business?
  • How to ease your clients’ nerves about doing virtual gigs.
  • And so much more!

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