064. How to Build a Speaker Program Beyond Yourself With Phil Boyte

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Phil Boyte joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about speaking to youth and speaking in schools.

Are you interested in speaking to youth or a school audience? On today’s episode of The Speaker Lab my close friend and mentor Phil Boyte joins us to share his insights on that very topic. Phil focuses exclusively on speaking in schools, everyone from students to teachers to the district administrative team.

He begins episode 64 by discussing what speaking looks like for him. He also offers his advice on how to truly make an impact when speaking to young people, and why his assembly schedule works well in the school system.

And if you’re curious about the most effective way to speak to a young audience Phil talks about that too! Based on his personal experiences speaking to young audiences, he imparts plenty of wisdom on the topics of youth and school audiences.  Listen in to hear all of it on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


•    Exactly how Phil got his start speaking in schools.
•    What are the three stages of a speaking career?
•    How can you speak effectively to a younger audience?
•    Paul’s advice for finding and keeping bookings.
•    How can you become a “category of one”?
•    The difference between the success of a program and the success of an individual.
•    Is there money in the youth and the school market to hire you as a speaker?
•    What Phil has learned about maintaining a healthy personal life.
•    And much, much more!

Tweetable: Do everything you can to stay balanced.” – Phil Boyte