230. How to Narrow Your Speaking Audience with Rocco Cozza

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Rocco Cozza Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab public speaking how to narrow your audience Ever feel like your topic should be heard by everyone? If you said yes today’s show is perfect for you. Our guest is facing the same dilemma many speakers have faced: how to narrow your speaking audience.

To address this common challenge on today’s The Speaker we are joined by Rocco Cozza. Rocco is a successful businessman who wants to do more speaking and today we’re going to help him accomplish that goal by narrowing his audience.

Join us to hear exactly how to do this and so much more on this edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • Why is kindness the most important thing in business?
  • Why a message for everyone is a message for no one.
  • When you pick a lane does that choice have to be permanent?
  • How to determine if there is a market for your topic.
  • How you can trojan horse your topic into existing speaking needs.
  • What should you do if you have doubts about your speaking fees?
  • How do you determine if a free speaking gig is valuable to you?
  • What is one of your best marketing tools?
  • And so much more!

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