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How Speakers Can Adapt (And Thrive) In A COVID-19 World (Even If You’re A Brand New Speaker)

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During this FREE Speaking Workshop you will learn…

  • Why now is actually the best time to get started as a speaker
  • The 3 critical questions you need to answer to find and book speaking gigs today
  • Examples of how speakers are shifting their messaging right now
  • How to establish yourself as an expert and determine what you should be speaking about
  • Where to find speaking engagements & contact potential clients
  • 2 important things about the speaking industry that are still true today
  • Learn from an expert who has earned multiple 7 figures from speaking

Meet Your Host

Grant Baldwin:

Grant Baldwin is a popular keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and speaking coach. He’s also the creator of the popular podcast The Speaker Lab and the online course Booked and Paid to Speak, through which he has trained thousands of speakers.

In the successful speaker, Baldwin breaks down the exact system that helped him land over 400 paid speaking gigs across 46 different states over the last decade.


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