011. Q&A: How Can You Utilize the Internet to Land Speaking Gigs

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Start your public speaking career or take it to the next level with The Speaker Lab's Grant Baldwin!

Whether you’re starting out as a speaker or want to gain more traction or simply grow to the next level of your speaking career you are in the right place!

The Speaker Lab is a show dedicated to helping your speaking career become whatever you want it to be. And today’s edition is one of my favorite types of shows to bring you: the Q&A.

Listen in to hear my recommendations on fully tapping into the Internet and social media to land more speaking gigs on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • What’s a not-so-effective way to get a speaking engagement?
  • The three foundational questions: what are they and why are they important to your career?
  • Your audience vs. the decision-maker: are they the same? What to do if they are not.
  • What’s one of the ways I recommend using social media to land speaking gigs?
  • What information is imperative to have in your social media profiles?
  • What are the advantages of doing paid advertising online?
  • What is PPC and how do you use it to advance your speaking career?
  • How to choose which form of paid advertising to invest in.
  • And much, much more!

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