Today I’m going to show you 22 ways to market yourself so you can get booked and paid to speak. Grab my [free download] below to see how to market yourself.


Then read on to see which marketing ideas you want to focus on to find and book more paid speaking gigs.


  1. Be active on social media
  2. Start a YouTube Channel
  3. Launch a podcast
  4. Be a guest on other podcasts
  5. Upgrade your demo video
  6. Get testimonials for your website / social media
  7. Create written content for your website / social media
  8. Attend conferences and gatherings
  9. Consistently interact with leaders in your space
  10. Be a positive contributor in groups (online/offline)
  11. Trim the fat on your branding / messaging
  12. Create an online course
  13. Capitalize on natural moments in the calendar connected to what you do
  14. Create mini events / series / projects to build hype (21 days of xxx)
  15. Utilize email marketing
  16. Be okay giving away your best stuff
  17. Create more connection points by getting personal and trivial
  18. Lean into being yourself (passions, strengths, dislikes)
  19. Be a cheerleader for others
  20. Be vulnerable (share losses as much as wins)
  21. Build a great team around you (and utilize them!)
  22. Be consistent


1 – Be Active on Social Media

We know, we know, you probably already are on social media right? Chances are that’s the case, but we might as well start with the low-hanging fruit.

From 2005 to 2010, websites and blogs ruled the day as readers and followers would come to you for your thoughts and ideas. But over the last decade social media shifted the paradigm to the point where your fans now expect you to come to them.

Where do those interactions happen? On social media, of course.

Keeping an active social media presence can be a full-time job in and of itself (and in some cases, it is), so have a plan going into it. Know which platforms you want to focus on, and utilize them to consistently get your message out there.

Aim for quality over quantity in terms of which platforms you use. It’s better to be amazing at one social media platform and absent on the rest of them versus being mediocre at three or four of them.

If you’re having trouble knowing which one(s) to focus on, ask yourself which one you have more energy for. If you find Facebook to be a drag, but you love Instagram, stick with the one you’re passionate about.

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